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Move to a better place or have a promotion feeds a ceremony
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Completion of new house of old times folk or when be being moved into new residence, the food of close friends of the entertainment that place alcoholic drink is formal.

"Move to a better place or have a promotion " 2 dictionaries go out " · of The Book of Songs is small elegant · lumbers " " cutting is fourth, twitter sighs lament, out valley, wood of change Yu Qiao. " this is to use birdie to fly off clough ascends lofty arbor, compare the change of the person that occupy place, rise step by step. The ceremony of move to a better place or have a promotion is held between close friends more, at the appointed time relatives and friends carries congratulation of gift call at sb's house, host places wine entertainment, thanks. This ceremony transmission is far-reaching, still put up to now.

(L) " greenhouse " .

Say again " make room " or " Wen Ju " . It is the move to a better place or have a promotion with pristine area of the Han nationality feeds a ceremony. Tang Ren king builds " appropriate word " in have " too greenhouse of appearance the day before yesterday comes " line; Of Wu Zimu of the Southern Song Dynasty " dream bridge records " Yi Zai: "Or have the person that moves immigrate house newly to stop, criterion adjacent person is contended for borrow change a job, involuntary discharge of urine offers soup tea, and so on of how-to buying and selling, see good relations of neighbourhood justice, lead money other people again, arrange food and drink, the congratulate that think, call ' greenhouse ' . " yuan bright of Tao Zongyi " south village cease is recorded n cultivated land " with clear person Li Luyuan " branch road lamp " , also have similar account. To latter-day, one band calls Guangxi his for " into firewater " , say again " into firewater " . Dial fire of a flourishing to arrive in bridal chamber first namely, indicative time can pass in order to flourishing is flourishingly, move other implements again next. When clear away ready, close friend comes round to congratulate. Mother's brother home must send " steamed sponge cake " with " chickling " , meaning for " penates is sent greatly " and " domestic animals is flourishing " ; Master buy wine is entertained, should have " apple " and " cooked glutinous rice pounded into paste " , meaning for " messuage is restful " with close adjacent henceforth " close " , " each other keep an eye on " .

(2) " rise fire to celebrate " .

It is another name for Yunnan Province on the west Shanghai buy lakefront rub shuttle person (a of the Naxi nationality) the banquet of ceremony rising anger after new house completion. They think fire is the heart of the building, rise the kitchen fire with intense ablaze blaze to be able to make sure prospective day is fiery first. Before rising anger, housewife should be inside principal rooms pond of fire of form of one party of build by laying bricks or stones, bottom puts the terrine of sickle of a replete silver dollar, commissariat, pine nut, fish doing, ghee, colour bead, fire, flint, the clay from the fetch in hole of lion hill goddess is enclothed again above, igneous pond square puts mind of an indicative ancestor boiler village stone.
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