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Mid-autumn month and wet Shan cake
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Day grows with Xiashi, the month arrives round mid-autumn. This is civilian common saying. Respecting mid-autumn, the letter that already published piece gigantic make " records of Shan head city " consuetudinary mid-autumn to wet Shan have relatively detailed account.

The Mid-autumn Festival, say again in August section, the Mid-Autumn Festival. Be in when 3 Qiu Zhi half, friend name " mid-autumn " . " demit sea " carry: "Lunar was in on August 15 of autumn in the middle of, friend says mid-autumn " .

The origin of the Mid-autumn Festival, have a variety of views, in our country Zhoudai has " spring month of festal, autumn hold a memorial ceremony for " when common, can be a letter. Wei Zhuang " send Li Xiucai Gui Jingxi " the poem says: "In August mid-autumn month round, send the magnolia on Jun Yin the ship. Send the magnolia on Jun Yin the ship..

The Mid-autumn Festival of wet Shan, folk is consuetudinary do obeisance to a month, enjoy the glorious full moon, have the content such as tower of the taro of moon cake, cook over a slow fire, tower that burn tile, burn joss sticks. Do obeisance to a month in ancient times, it is the woman is mixed the thing of child child. "Female not kitchen of hold a memorial ceremony for, month of male out of round " , ancient already precedent. Current practice also in the main so. Wet person does obeisance to a month to make do obeisance to lunar woman. The woman does obeisance to a month, normally invocatory month woman can be helped find a good Lang Jun. Such singing wet Shan has a folk song: "Mid-autumn night, lunar empress or imperial concubine of the first rank. Do obeisance to deeply, the group reunions. Good husband, knot happy match. Reunion this year, reunion next year, reunion year after year. " many wet Shan men travel across the high seas fend, the wife misses the husband in the home, then, often hold lunar lovemaking in the palm, still be deep-felt. Additional head balladry path: "In August 15 mid-autumn night, night faints month bright Tian Youqing. Sai Jun thinks gentleman will visit a month, sit see the bright moon the five watches of the night. Listen coldly Qiong crow sound, deplorable person Jing, do not know my gentleman to be in where, be about to hold the bright moon in the palm to express aspiration. Be about to hold the bright moon in the palm to express aspiration..

Food has wet Shan mid-autumn eat taro, eat moon cake, the fruit has pear of shaddock, oily pleasant, persimmon, bird to wait. Have a common saw: "River brook is right the mouth, taro young feeds Wei. " galactic, wet Shan person is river brook. Taro and " Hu Tou " homophonic, because Mongolia builds yuan of face hind, regnant to cruelty of the Han people, with " pare taro skin " cry " pare Hu Pi " (also have say " pare ghost skin " , be like " settleclear sea county annals " have carry) .
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