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China east feed culture
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Hua Dong area is located in the southeast ministry of our country, history say " Changjiang Delta " or " Jiang Dong " , whole area resembles quite " follow boots high " .

Huadong's dweller be used to is staple food with rice, flour eats between, food grains other than wheat and rice is very little, feed on occasion, also be to adjust taste only. The Yuanxiao that they are good at cooking group of cake, rice, polished glutinous rice to do has distinguishing feature alone. Day reviews 3 eat, return sometimes " in passing " or " late food " ; At ordinary times mostly ceaseless meat or fish, holiday cookbook more essence of life is made an appointment with, meat or fish has element, dry rare allocate. The four seasons of vegetables and fruits is supplied abundant, gallinaceous duck cruelly oppress is short of every months, hobby seafood and game, town dweller has the habit of snack more. Its taste is mostly delicate, summary band is small sweet, do not eat chili, green Chinese onion, unripe garlic and old vinegar commonly; Have unripe feed, of cold drinks and snacks antediluvian, blood clam of shrimp of boil in water for a while, drunk crab, very hot wool, raw slices of fish meat is welcome. The fruit is much, roasted seeds and nuts is much, fastfood much; Yellow rice or millet wine of drink of be used to and bishop; Love drinks green tea or oolong; Cigarette mostly gentle, take seriously " cloud and mist " and like not quite " imported cigarette " , pay attention to class; Be fond of sugar fruit, cake, confiture and cold drink, preserved fruit sales volume is not large.

The cook level of this one belt is higher. Body of Su Cai ascend " 4 big vegetable are fastened " , the knife labour with wonderful essence of life outshines the rest; Dish of short for Zhejiang Province is faddish the Southern Song Dynasty, be " south feed " table column; Badge dish " because of business clear " , footmark pervades great river north and south; Shanghai dish successor is resided on, have hold the trend that China feeds altar ox ear. This one belt makes dish ability way comprehensive, matched stack is careful and precise, knife law is free and easy, in order to burn, fry, the evaporate, be good at that stew, recuperation fish and shellfish as food and birds cultivate have very deep work force, blame with tonal show elegant, dish in Qing Lihe sumptuous courses at a meal accumulate contained culture is temperamental and celebrated. As to domestic meal, hunan of careful also aid, 4, 5 home, it is 4 dish more 1 soup the pattern of 2 staple food, rice bowl is small and dish dish big, appetite is lesser, mostly deeply wine force. Each tableware, wine is provided, tea service, much be fill in the gaps to complete a chain, more exquisite.

The cate of Hua Dong area already formed whole set, each province city all has high-quality goods assume leadership to lead a market, too many things to see making a person. Sanded circle of New Year cake of steamed bread of chicken of careless head of if the shrimp seed of Shanghai is big duck of black ginseng, eight treasures, unripe stir-fry before stewing, high-ranked imperial concubine, Na Xiang, chop, noodles in a simple sauce, beat a drum, " Fu Shouyan " and " chrysanthemum crab banquet " ; Flesh of large meatball of the ovary and digestive glands of the crab of 3 the fish of sciuroid mandarin fish of Jiangsu, duck, boiled in clear soup, crystal meat and fish dishes, big boil dry silk, Liang Xi sesame seed cake of bag of fragile board, 3 man, Huang Qiao, Suzhou experts circle of cake of cake, clam, lotus root starch, " how does the Huaihe River grow; Of Zhejiang east fire of orange of wine of fish of vinegar of shelled fresh shrimps of slope flesh, Dragon Well tea, west lake, crab, close juice square, south 1000 pieces of stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup of fleshy bamboo shoots in spring, Ning Bo, steamed stuffed bun, 5 fragrant room are little fleshy zhongzi, Wu Shan short cake, " banquet of west lake boat " with; Of Anhui do-nothing fume chicken, Mao Feng to fume hilsa herring, Feng Yang to make range of cake of the group of rice of tongue of bean curd, siskin, black, cake that show the tube, butterfly, " Huang Shan banquet " with " banquet of bean curd of 8 fair hill " , 3 cups of chicken of Jiangxi, , the foreign river yeast for making hard liquor that this area produces, double channel yeast for making hard liquor, carry on promotes a daughter wine of tribute of red, ancient well, 4 special wine of wine of tea of wine of wine, cut, cloud and mist, sweet-scented osmanthus, Dan Yang seals crock of wine, 10 completely old filling wine, fast also person.
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