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Delicious " smelly dish "
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"Smelly dish " the one big characteristic of Chinese dish. Smelly it is a kind of flavour, it is the breed on raw material a kind of mould and form, have appetizing aid digestion, stomachic effect. In strong-smelling preserved bean curd of every 100 grams, contain vitamin B12 to be 10 grams left and right sides, and devoid vitamin B12 is to make cerebrum ageing, cause one of cause of diseases of senile and gawkish disease. Eat some of strong-smelling preserved bean curd, prevent this disease to have profit.

Carry on of famous a region of rivers and lakes is promoted, almost domestic home loves to eat " smelly three-colored amaranth straightens " . Carry on promotes person selected to use thumb thick advocate stalk, abluent cut 20, 25 centimeters of accident, make it mildewy grow hair first, in be being put into smelly bittern altar again, immerse 3 days two, the fish out after sucking sufficient stink is abluent add salt to lie between water steam ripe, when eating, can not put in the mastication between front tooth directly, applied front tooth packs a pork inside stalk, at this moment, you can feel, a bizarre little taste is entered between tine, that is the intense delicacy flavour with a kind of long aftertaste letting a person, the flavor of Qing Xianshuang mouth, make person appetite is one brace up.

Carry on promotes a person to eat smelly three-colored amaranth except love outside stalk, still love 1000 pieces to have strong-smelling preserved bean curd, smelly mold, corrupt of smelly mildew beans, smelly breast (green square) etc " smelly feed " . Often will to carry on promote, always do not overlook a point on one, 2 " smelly dish " , say for example: "Steam smelly mildew 1000 pieces " , 1000 pieces when had grown nap of layer upon layer white then, cut, put the chili of on a bit salt, candy and a few, lie between water one evaporate, the desk on end comes, in the mist steam of that seething, placing the flavour of the smelly delicacy of filar silk, it is lick one's chaps making a person really, cannot help doing sth. On clip one, enter the mouth is mediumly, feel ferial only in expend 1000 pieces when chewed interest quite, classics so one " smelly " , become crisp instantly glutinous is unusual, the entrance is changed namely, little taste is caught the tip of the tongue in you, laryngeal, your flavour mouth was moved at a draught come.

Breed of Zhejiang smelly dish is true many, promote besides carry on " smelly dish " outside, the smelly wax gourd that still has Ning Bo, on the mildew of anxiety 1000 pieces, the strong-smelling preserved bean curd of lake city does the scamper steamed bread that embeds sesame seed cake, Fu Yang to place scamper strong-smelling preserved bean curd,

Good " smelly " epicure people, some are flat go up in the balcony in the home, a smelly crock is put in the courtyard, in usually, bean products, dish straightens, still young soya bean, wax gourd is placed etc " smelly it one smelly " , want, daily in, the feeling from smelly stunner of delicacy of the fish out in the crock -- expect that, that one covet, really a kind " have good taste everyday " happiness lives!
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