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Leisurely history is savoured mid-autumn
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Archaic monarch has spring festal, the ceremony of month of autumnal hold a memorial ceremony for is made, noble and scholars are imitated also later rise, mid-autumn season, shine again to the sky round month of round of bright, view and admire hold a memorial ceremony for to do obeisance to, place feelings, this kind consuetudinary pass folk so, form a traditional activity, arrived all the time Tang Dynasty, the custom of month of this kind of hold a memorial ceremony for takes seriously for people more, the Mid-autumn Festival just makes fixed red-letter day. The fokelore of the Mid-autumn Festival is very rich, goddess in the moon approachs a month, laurel of Wu Gang cut down, the Jade Hare-the moon the fairy tale of the and so on that pound medicine circulates very wide.

[fabulous mid-autumn one of] goddess in the moon approachs a month

According to legend, ancient moment sky has 10 suns to appear at the same time, bask in crops is witheredly dead, the masses have no means to live, the hero of a Yi after be called, muscularity is boundless, he sympathizes with the common people that have a rough time, enter Kunlun peak then, movement full extraordinary power, pull open divine bend, stretch shoots below 9 many suns, and adjuration is final a sun on time rise and fall, for civilian benefit.

Yi gets accordingly after the respect of common people and love and esteem, yi married the wife of a beautiful goodness after, be called goddess in the moon. And many person of ideals and integrity come to seek instruction from a master to learn before Muming art, the bitter fleabane that harbor evil intentions is unconscious also mixed come in.

A day, yi visits friend to be begged to Kunlun hill after, the king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank that chance encounter passes from this, get a packet of not dead drug to king mother. Allegedly, take next this drug, can immediateness be raised to the skies becomes celestial being. However, yi She must not abandon a wife after, be forced to give collect carefully of goddess in the moon not dead medicine temporarily. Goddess in the moon hides medicine into the 100 treasure small box of dresser.

Lilliputian bitter fleabane is unconscious after Yi leads numerous apprentice to go out the sword is held to enter backyard of v/arc inner chambers for womenfolk after chasing, intimidate goddess in the moon hands over not dead medicine. Goddess in the moon makes a prompt decision, face about opens 100 treasure small box, took out not dead medicine to be swallowed readily. When the body stands, wave from the ground, strong give the window, fly to the sky.

Towards evening, yi knows this after the event is heartstricken after, looking up at night sky to call the name of love wife, at this moment his amazedly discovery, today's moon is bright and clear all the more and bright, and the figure that has a rock is exactly like goddess in the moon. He is chased after toward the moon desperately, but he seeks 3 conditions, the moon removes 3 conditions, he removes 3 conditions, the moon takes 3 steps, no matter how be also chased after,arrive in front of.
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