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Prairie dietary culture
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The prairie culture that is a foundation with stock raising sees the square respect face at Mongolia daily life.

A characteristic of prairie food culture is flesh of flocks and herds much. Flesh of flocks and herds is Mongolia main food, wanted to knead dough of flesh of flocks and herds is wrapped only it seems that, what do they basically need no longer other provision. Enter deep autumn season, mongolia busy store flesh of flocks and herds. Qiu Dong is seasonal, in black Lan Ba holds the balcony of dweller building in the palm, a when often can see dweller air is basked in a flesh of flocks and herds is dry, was full of the breath of the life. In the winter, still depositing on the balcony of domestic home into the bovine hotpot of bag, common somebody breaks off a flesh from the balcony in the home, go in recapture house. A Mongolia friend tells me, his home should have a 10 sheep, ox and a horse winter. The price of flesh of flocks and herds is cheaper also, in Wulanbatuo, the price of every jins of hotpot is equivalent to a RMB only 3.5 yuan.

Dish is more expensive than the flesh, also be a characteristic in prairie food culture it seems that. Vegetable breed is drab, the amount is exiguous, and the price is high. For example, every jins of carrot should sell 4 yuan many (RMB, similarly hereinafter) , big like walnut onion also wants 4 yuan many 1 jin, the potato of a bit good a bit sells near 5 yuan 1 jin. As to the egg, it is to press will sell, according to market level, every egg sells 9 yuan to differ to 3 yuan many unexpectedly. Chicken and all sorts of fruits are more expensive, in becoming prairie food culture simply " luxury " .

But, dish, egg, fruit these " luxury " , looking in us is a necessaries of life however. But under, we also are forced to eat vegetable less, do not buy a fruit as far as possible even. But even so, also must fill forcedly from time to time " wealthy person " . Arrived food store, the person that we also are gotten and buys butter discharges covey, but be turn for us, not be to buy butter however, the cabbage with the expensive still butter that buys to compare same size however (the) that although cabbage is in,winter returns be aspic mostly or rots. This one " skill " often make salesman and numerous client understand hard, their commonly used and unusual view looks at us to taking aspic cabbage to walk out of a shop all the time. We go to positive-appearing image Mongolia is a little incommensurate same, mongolia will also meet some to our country incommensurate. What always had reached our country is Mongolia ground of all with one voice says, bovine hotpot of China is not delicious. Accordingly, positive-appearing image we often hold a person in the palm to take some of vegetable and fruit to come from home in Mongolia same, mongolia come to our country also often ground of try every means holds close friends in the palm to bring pork of some of flocks and herds from Mongolia. By this token, we all can say we are incommensurate the culture of others, but however very our culture compares it's hard to say of others " good " . People has the way of life that with its environmental photograph gets used to each.
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