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Mural ball is rate of a market, force and rhythm feeling the athletic project at a suit, antagonism is very strong. The footstep shift of tall rhythm and unpredicatable ball road, with agile ability tactics union is together, make participator gets in relatively short time heart lungs function reachs what muscle, articulatory He Ren takes to take exercise not only, and make its flexibility, harmonious sex and flexibility get very good improvement.

Mural field ground is an indoor rectangle space that close, divide around field, hind divide into two or so half of a game or contest again. The system includes site: Before air conditioning and system of floor of back wall of side wall of wall, two sides, glass, woodiness, lighting, ventilated system. Its before the wall is fundamental wall, every time when drive must the ball direct or use side wall or back wall rebound the wall before knocking down. The ball when adversary receives a ball is OK the wall is direct and resilient once upon a time the ground, also can encounter side wall or back wall first again resilient ground, but the ball cannot play above twice on the floor.

Bat size interpose pats He Yu at the net between, length does not exceed 686 millimeter, pat a head to stretch tight spring acreage does not exceed 500 square centimeter. Bat uses the light simple stuff such as titanium of aluminium of aluminium alloy, carbon, carbon to be made, ball bowstring uses synthetic data. Mural ball presses stretch size ordinal differentiate for blue dot ball, red dot ball, white spot ball is mixed Huang Dianqiu. Huang Dianqiu uses a ball for standard match, other a few kinds suit abecedarian, or unofficial slow rhythm race and exercise.

Mural ball game uses 3 bureaus normally 2 get the better of or 5 bureaus 3 get the better of make, billiard-marker method has 9 to cent is made and make two kinds 15 minutes, make the authority that it is a ball 9 minutes notch, if be hit to 8 smooth, by the one party that gets 8 minutes first the choice increases competition 1 minute or 2 minutes; If appear 9 smooth, criterion 1 ball is defeated surely win. Make 15 minutes notch for every ball make, multi-purpose at match of top class profession, the purpose is to shorten game time, accelerate match rhythm; Hit to when both sides 14 at ordinary times, a when get 14 minutes first choice having right increases competition 1 minute or 2 minutes, if appear 15 smooth, criterion 1 ball decide the issue of the battle is lost.

Like be the same as tennis and badminton, mural ball also emphasizes the training of basic skill and ability tactics combination very much. Upper limbs basic skill includes, the linear ball of backhand, diagonal ball, intercept ball, light punching ball, carry high ball, and the side wall ball with mural particular ball and back wall ball. Lower limbs basic skill includes successive side to walk, hind pace of the across after removing pace, overlay pace to reach, its characteristic and badminton are adjacent.
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