Mural ball: Put fly your mood
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How does a person also want to play interesting motion to do? Irrespective, will try to be called " the king of indoor sports " mural ball moves. Mural ball runs line wonderfully then, peculiar broken line flies, make original with respect to very wonderful and intense campaign process, smoother added a few minutes of change. The clash with balata wall peculiar ball, more let a person be obtained from inside acoustic sense organ enjoy, as if each write down drive is pressure to release.

Walk into rainbow mouth football ground mural ball house, in 3 field somebody is in the beat in brandish hand, occasion evil spirit is grand, let a person cannot help gutty want to join the desire that go in instantly. Miss Shen of green vogue is the member here, she says: "Mural ball is to me one alleviates the optimal way of pressure, when doleful or a person is alone, I can choose to hit mural ball to here. Although just facing one side to be without angry wall it seems that, but when the bat since my brandish, successive drive, among them fun cannot be described with utterance. After moving every time, my mood be suddenly enlightened, good intention affection resembles flying like. " the curiosity that another Mr Dai with longer age aroused me, his T-shirt is soaked by sweat already, he tells me: "Actually mural ball is not a youth is exclusive motion, I am fond of this. Although the age became old, but the body is very good. Play after mural ball, bones and muscles is haler, want to have physical power only, everybody should join this campaign, you are met of cannot help doing sth. You are met of cannot help doing sth..

Why can simple mural ball make a person infatuate so? Listen to what mural ball house fills a manager to say: Mural field ground small, ball fast Mo Ce of change of journey of fast, ball, need the person reaction delicacy that play a ball game, the action is quick, those who exercise effect beautiful is little, efficient when this satisfied participator to use requirement, it can make the participant obtains bigger campaign to measure in shorter time. Inside same time, the carry momentum of mural ball and the quantity of heat that use up are tournament of the tennis below coequal condition 3 to 4 times. Often hit mural ball the endurance to the person, erupt strength of function of lungs of force, heart, tendon, relevant ligament and parenchyma, and the function of blood that carry oxygen has very good stimulative effect. Because the movement of mural ball and shuttlecock are similar, chinese study is easier, unlike drills tennis wants to spend more time in that way. And, mural ball belongs to indoor sports, do not accept the restriction of season and weather, begin more easily than tennis sports also so.

Special remind: The essentials with the mobile footstep when the ball that hit a wall is: Apply more delay pace, mat step, use big step less, because latter passes to pull muscle easily suddenly forcibly, cause harm easily also to knee joint and gambrel, master a balance not easily also in sudden shift.
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