Mural ball introduces
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Mural ball is one agrees with each estate, each age paragraph the new-style motion item that ginseng adds, also be called a lifelong motion. Mural ball motion is investment of health of a long-term sex, can make the person is in physiology and mentally benefit, enhance its to reach psychokinesis from confidence.

Mural ball is a kind of when come out from tennis derive ball games that hits to the wall, call a wall tennis again so. 1950, england is called ha collect the school, because playground ground is little,cannot satisfy a student to make the wish of tennis, build a few walls on the playground then, let a student play tennis to the wall, become the indoor ball games that used side wall with respect to development later. The " that began 1922 pulls every Mu to commemorate award " match is match of the earliest mural ball international.

1920, be in the United States, tennis and the couple that indoor hand drive moves were born the predecessor of contemporary wall ball- - beat ball. The contriver of beat ball is the United States Mixigen the Lisiji of the university.

1940, beat ball develops quickly in the place of place of drive having a hand rise.

1952, association of American beat ball holds water, lisijirendi a chairman. During this equipment and competition regulation build the space of beat ball subsequently.

1961, the United States held league matches of ball of beat of the first whole nation.

1968, tounament of ball of beat of the first whole nation covers with tiles in Mill alley is held. During the match, everybody feels be necessary to establish an organization to move in order to develop this. Emerge as the times require of association of international wall ball, by can of chairman of association of American hand drive De Qin holds the position of chairman of association of ball of wall of the first international.

1969, association of international wall ball held championship contest of ball of first completely beautiful wall in st. louis, add continent the Lei Sen of Hui carry on one's shoulder of Santiago carries off champion.

1970, of st. louis not orchid carried off champion of tounament of ball of wall of whole nation of the first woman. Begin competition ground of prize of male and female to include formal game from this. Mural ball moves toward the world quickly in these 30 years, already 80 many countries and area launch this campaign.

Federation of international wall ball (WSF) held water 1967, the member has England, Australia, India, New Zealand, south Africa, Pakistan and Arabia republic. 1993, the member state already was added reach 105.

At present the whole world has the 8000 much people of 80 many countries and area to pursue this campaign, among them Euramerican number is maximum, only the United States has 1000 much people. In the Asia, pakistan is to enter the country with this motion maximum number, win world championship for many times.
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