Mural ball -- first selection of white-collar thin body
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Mural ball is enjoyed " the king of indoor sports " beautiful praise, the force that asks the athlete has tennis athlete already, speed and strong and vigorous, again the withy, agile chime of badminton athlete is moved. Foreign kinematic expert passes old research and statistical contrast, conclude: Inside same time, the level is close to the mural ball game between the player, carry momentum and the quantity of heat that use up, the 3 ~ that are tournament of the tennis below coequal condition 4 times. Often hit mural ball, the staying power that can enhance a person, erupt strength of function of lungs of force, heart, tendon, and feeling of place of the ability of blood that carry oxygen, space, psychology bears ability of ability, adapt oneself to changing circumstances and tutor oneself ability.

People living standard rose nowadays, quite quantitative person has nutrition the problem with superfluous, too little movement. Intense competitive environment, make the job of people, life extraordinary tension, onerous, the leads etc society elite of the white-collar of the company, enterprise people, facing brutal competition everyday, bearing enormous pressure, after busying one day, crowded do not give time to take exercise, very much person age gently, drop with respect to posture grow stout, quality. Does if where,lightsome posture restore inside short time as far as possible, maintain young heroic bearing? Expert clew: Mural ball can make you not the mood of beautiful gets seasonable drain, loose human body charges quickly.

Mural ball contest is regular

When serving, the person that serve has a foot to step at least serving inside the area, serve in must throwing the ball past sky. The dot hitting a wall of the ball when serving must prep above serves line, the ball after serving must touch openly wall and rebound drive line must exceed to fall in when coming back another serve inside the half of a game or contest that the area is in. The ball rebounds from openly wall come back to did not exceed drive line previously, the person that serve must not leave development ball area. When the one party that answer a ball is answering a ball, can play from metope in the ball come back before be born or the drive when rebounding after first time be born, but must not exceed drive line to hit the ball time. When drive, can hit the ball directly on the wall, also can be hit in side wall first or make the ball rebounds next on back wall on the wall, again resilient field. In the ball from in the resilient process on the wall, can concede points is direct and resilient, OK also concede points from side wall is being played to go up first on the wall next again resilient field.

The kind that takes with tosh when the match decides to serve authority, obtain serve the one party of authority can choose to serve arbitrarily the area undertakes serving. The one party ability that serves only notchs, another must be changed to serve after notching serve in the area, exchange ceaselessly so, until lose serve till authority.
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