Mural ball movement is radical the game is regular
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Begin when the match, the player chose to serve after authority:
1. serves to just can choose be in right hind field or left hind field serves
2. serves one party is serving momently, must step with a foot serving inside the area (cannot tread a line)
3. ball leaves the wall before bat hind must be contacted directly, serve afore line above and boundary boundary line are the following, after mural ball leaps the wall before leaving, after must falling in another inside field
4. wall ball is hit when serve serve line, attrib border line, the ground serves line, line of half of a game or contest all be sentenced out of bounds or serve foul after serving, in match process: A. The wall before each active drive must be contacted, mural ball is over bottom boundary line and under attrib border lineB. Each drive must leap the wall before leaving in the ball hind, in did not hit a floor or can play only after leaving a floor board, attack pieceC. In match process mural ball hits attrib border wire, bottom boundary line all be sentenced to be out of boundsD. If serve error of one party drive or fail to answer the good shot that receives adversary place to be hit, serve authority turns to adversary, if receive,serve likewise player drive error or fail to answer receive serve the good shot that one party place hits, serve to just will obtain 1 minute
Plan cent method:
Internationally (flower type) the match is to use 9 minutes to make, must obtain first serve authority just can notch. If arrived the 8th deuce after cent, the player that gets 8 minutes first can choose to hit 2 minutes (in all 10 minutes) or according to originally plan branch law hits 1 minute, with 9 minutes of end.