Science of house of ball of China V.s wall is behaved
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Use the way of centre of gravity that controlled drive board to change traditional wall ball to move, the fore-and-aft change that rebounds from traditional wall ball namely is transverse, make the height of mural ball house drops substantially thereby; While force centre of gravity changes direction, achieved again shorten the length of mural ball house and the goal that reduce its width. So, house of ball of new mankind wall the creation of its technology, achieved the price that build a house scientificly cheaper, more the mission that carries out generally easily.

Use 2 pass board adjusted drive azimuth to reduce the tall difficulty that turns over marbles corner kick, make athletic utmost ground was achieved successional.

Use drive board to make mural ball across rebounds, raised the response rate of human body, the whole body that moves an athlete moves; Athlete must drive of hand of positive and negative, pace around controls ceaseless and rapid shift, make motion achieved force and skill photograph union.

The principle structure with mural ball special house, the field before can using the concede points that hit a point to rebound again or hind; The speed of athletic speed, the size of athletic intensity, all mastering from Si in. So, vs wall ball applies to force athlete sport already, agree with again of fitness of the small force that likes sport group with, athletic object is more extensive, the woman is old little all appropriate.