Hit mural ball: Drip with sweat new style
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News of network of chaste tree Hunan (Chu Tianjin signs up for) reporter day will report reporter Ren Baohua: Summer drawing near, many ladies love the United States are entered again new body of round of model reducing weight moves. Recently, the reporter discovers in interview, amusement of be in harmony and interest sex move at the mural ball of an organic whole, make the athletic first selection of many fashionable women.

Zhang Xuefei of foreign enterprise white-collar has a special liking to mural ball of late, come off work to drill with respect to the mural ball house near the company on half hour. "The ground of mural ball is little, ball fast fast, ball road also is metabolic Mo Ce, you must react rapid, behavioral frequency also wants fast, athletic strength is greater, half hours do not arrive, already kubla khah dripping wet. " Zhang Xuefei is laughing to say, she very the feeling that enjoys this kind of brandish to asperse sweat, and, still be a kind of very good decompression method, "After a stroke of firm firm, vexed, discomfort also is released almost. Vexed, discomfort also is released almost..

the Chen Jing that moves to loving tennis, the ball that hit a wall as tennis " to wall practice a ball game " , before drive, ball but be born rebounds, still can mix in side wall wall rebound on back wall wall; Also but two people are alternant drive, create difficult problem for the other side each other. "No matter one person still is two people, can move, I am little lazy excuse. I am little lazy excuse..

The member horse young lady of club of ball of wall of Wuhan cloth wave tells a reporter, "Campaign is expensive holding to, of mural ball exercise the effect more ambitious than tennis 3 to fourfold, want to have will only, not far also from gentle and graceful figure. "