The whole world hotel of top class brand - intercontinental hotel group grabs be
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The whole world hotel of top class brand - intercontinental hotel group grabs beach stannum city

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Yesterday learns from city tourism bureau, afterwards happy event will ascend, the brand hotel such as Kaibinsiji is garrisoned after stannic city, the whole world is the greatest (by guest room amount plan) , distributing the vastest hotel group -- intercontinental hotel group was mixed a few days ago the gentleman of the city that do not have stannum comes formal autograph restricts hotel group, announce to be stationed in be located in too the gentleman do not have stannum of lake square comes square. This is meant owned the hotel brand with the most topmost whole world truly without stannum.

Gentleman comes hotel group is not to have the hotel tourism group with stannum and even Su Na the biggest area, restaurant of the lakeside that do not have stannum is owned below the banner, too many advanced hotel such as restaurant of lake restaurant, Jun Lailiang brook and high-quality goods hotel. Intercontinental hotel group is had and managing more than 3700 hotels, nearly sixty thousand and fifty guest room, distributing to be mixed at more than 100 countries area.

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