Yantai hotel industry has begun to enter into off-season room prices Heavy 3
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Cooler weather, as a coastal tourist city of Yantai, the hotel market has begun to enter the off-season. "October" after the end of Golden Week, many of Yantai City, hotel occupancy rates began to plummet, the largest decline of more than 5 percent below Heavy hotel rates also will be 3 percent or so.
"Eleventh" period, Yantai City star hotel standard room price of 480 yuan a day; now, prices have dropped to 330 yuan, a decline of nearly 30%. Huanshan Yantai city, especially a hotel name, told reporters, "October" holiday period, received more foreign tourists, all rooms are basically in short supply, continuous over one week were full. A few days after the holidays, room occupancy rate began to decline, the number 17 to stay only half of the long holidays.

The official said that as a result of source reduction of the phenomenon of decline in occupancy rate of each year, based on past experience, the hotel will cut prices during this period of time to start.

Showmanship face of price move-star hotel, a number of business and economy also began to cut prices, have joined the battle over customers, want to reduce the tourists in case of increased occupancy rates. Three stations in Yantai, a wholesale market near the hotel also played fast and 118 yuan special room advertising, compared with 168 during the holiday's special room, price cuts are about 30%.

Reporter Ctrip, eLong, where to some other hotel booking website that, Yantai hotel prices than the current "October" a general decline during the period. In this regard, Yantai City, Tourist Hotels Association official said, after the holiday hotel occupancy rate has dropped it is quite normal, every year there is such a cycle; and this phenomenon has in the country, "eleven" golden good New Year's Day before low season the hotel industry.