Chongqing Hengda hotel opened in Chengdu but also to build two
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23 morning, Chongqing Hotel in Chongqing Hengda Golden Hengda world opened. Hengda Group will be the hotel industry as a breakthrough, to accelerate the tourism complex of the National layout. Hengda as hotel developers and operators of investment, the opening ceremony of Chongqing Hengda attaches great importance to the hotel, Hengda Group, Chairman of the Board, President Xia Haijun Xu Indian rate, executive vice president Li Gang attended the ceremony, Assistant to the President over all of the Group and 26 executives chairman of the board give all branches present. This is the highest level this year, Hengda, the number of executives involved in most all activities. Chinese superstar Leon Lai, Fan Bingbing, Chen Lu Yu composed of well-known host of ultra luxury star cast also attended to help out. Chongqing Hotel Chongqing Golden Hengda tourist complex part of the world, with a super platinum five-star hotel and 6 Daquan functional center of the "6 +1" program. Large tourism complex project total investment of up to several billion dollars, the hotel nearly 6 million square meters, six support center nearly 10 million square meters, total of 15 thousand square meters. Chongqing Hengda newly opened hotel is located in the core area of town west of Chongqing, Chongqing into the "half-hour economic circle", and was planning to Chongqing city center. Chongqing Hengda Hengda Group voted to build the hotel was not the first hotel, Hotel Guangzhou Hengda hotel Hengda was open in 2009. The real estate project in Chengdu, two vacation: Golden City of the world and the landscape, will build high-end hotel, and will introduce the world's leading hotel management group, "the United States Wyndham Hotel" management company management.