OCT five-star hotel and catering skills Competition
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The afternoon of November 2, OCT Shenzhen Venice Hotel Group, OCT Intercontinental Hotel, Interlaken OCT Hotel Shenzhen Seaview O • City Hotel Dining master gathered show unique skills. OCT, quality of life of the record of home. OCT Hotel is committed to high-end long-term services, today several major hotel chefs cooking live demonstration, the Indian flying cake, bean curd knife, sports cocktails, tea and other unique skills, so that The presence of the judges, the media, surprise Appreciation of employees. It is understood that yesterday's Shenzhen Venice Hotel occupancy rate of 100%, service, quality, brands lead the industry, has won the Association of honor. Shenzhen, Sports and Tourism Bureau official said, OCT team cohesion and combat effectiveness. Today, the top food battle, see a lot of creative high-end hotel chefs display, moved, amazed, proud, OCT worthy A banner for the tourism industry. The competition, won awards in Shenzhen Venice Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, OCT best team award, OCT Interlaken Hotel Best Talent Award, Shenzhen Seaview O • City Hotel won the best fashion Award. OCT Group CEO Craig visit the contest either, and solemnly said: make the world feel the China service.