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December 1 is the phasing out of the province Hotels "six small pieces" (including one-time dental equipment, soap, shampoo, bath gel, slippers, a comb) the first day. Prior to the October 20, Province 12 departmental below to determine the effect from December 1, hotel industry to phase out disposable daily necessities, to June 1 next year, the official cancellation free of charge. December 1, the reporter interviewed some of Weifang star hotel, budget hotels found an unknown, punishment is unclear, making the most of the hotel free of charge on the abolition of the "six small pieces" are still on the sidelines. "We have not received notice headquarters, as usual to provide customers with a one-time hotel toiletries." December 1, Weifang, a star of peace on the road Front Office Manager Ms. Ma told reporters that she had heard of canceled "six small pieces" of the the new requirements, but worried that customers will be satisfied. "Customers have the disposable toiletries items must be equipped as a hotel, and if that becomes available for a fee, the customer may be difficult to accept." Manager Ma said. Siping Road, one-star hotel staff said they have begun to cancel low end of the room once daily. "Customers do not accept the fear, so start with the introduction of low-end of the room. The customer if necessary, to the hotel's 24-hour convenience store to buy." The staff said that they have not abolished, because if the other hotels one-off items and they do not provide, could lead to some customer loss. Youth on the road fast and the lobby, a manager said, they began a month ago to provide compensation in some rooms daily, each charge of 5 dollars. "The implementation of some difficulty." The manager said, the rooms cost has not changed, the original free daily to become a one-time charges, which for many customers do not understand. "This new regulation is also advantageous for us, to save part of the cost." The North Sea on the road in charge of a three-star hotel Tan Zhuren to reporters calculated that their total of 158 hotel rooms, according to the occupancy rate of 50% per day, each 8 per one-time cost of supplies basis, provided they trumpet every day, "six small pieces" to the value of 600 yuan, a year down the hotel light in the "six small pieces of" must take on more than 20 million. But he admitted that if the cancellation of tourists, they certainly would not do. "I never take, are provided by the hotel." Hu, who lives in the identification of high-tech work area, he said, like him who travel frequently can not go out to bring toiletries, with a very inconvenient. Select hotels in addition to out environment, then one is to see daily necessities are complete, "I support low-carbon environment, but the hotel should have service." Hu said. Ms Wei Cheng, who lives in the reimbursement provided by the hotel can be recycled supplies worry. "A lot of small articles for daily hotel did not dare to use, usually used in negative net do not know." Miss Fu said that she supported the abolition of one-time daily, but after the abolition of the non-disposable commodities hotel can provide reassuring it? Dongfeng Street, a Kuaijie hotel currently used method is still free of the "six small pieces", but if customers take the initiative to abandon the use of the hotel can give them membership cards increase the integral, the integral part of the room rate can be offset, so that consumers who tried to bring your own household items used. "Superior to the current regulations have not issued clear and specific that how we have not received notice." Joint below the original Department of Commerce is one of the sectors, however, Weifang Municipal Bureau of Commerce is responsible for work in hotels and Wang Yong, chief of Cuisine Association said on how to implement the new requirements, how to monitor the implementation of the hotel, there are no specific criteria, they do not know what work should be responsible. "We have signed the new rules, but not yet officially released." Weifang City Tourism Bureau chief Wang Zhonghai Quality Management Division, told reporters, according to his understanding, the city signed a document the process now. "Hotels like, consumers will not be happy." Wang Zhonghai speculated that this provision is a good thing the hotel, both to promote low carbon green, while saving the cost of the hotel, but consumers may find this is the hotel service embodiment of allowing consumers to adapt, may take a long time. "This also conflicts with our work." Wang Zhonghai said that tourism bureau star hotel within the jurisdiction of the supervision work, in the assessment of the national standard-star hotel, the "six small pieces of" free delivery is a must. And now "six small pieces of" delisting requirement is for all of the hotel, which is a contradiction hotel Review Star standards.