Birth of the top resorts
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December 10 afternoon, the beautiful Wolong Wolong Lake International Community will once again usher in a number of distinguished museum guests, China's top resort hotels - cum Wolong Lake Spa & Golf Resort that will be held here, the United States wilson hotel decoration senior designer, SPIRIT 2010, chairman of Europe's best hotel, Wolong Lake Resort Spa & Golf senior advisers gathered in Wolong Lake, prospects for the guests on China's top resort hotels and Future. Wolong Lake Real Estate Co., Ltd. Nanjing, Li Jianping, president of introduction, Wolong Lake Spa & Golf Resort has a distinct international character of the United States by the internationally renowned hotel interior design company wilson featuring design, the company has designed 迪拜亚特兰 Atlantis Hotel, Wilson Hotels and other internationally renowned hotels, Wolong Lake Golf Resort & Spa is designed in China wilson first hotel. Wolong Lake Resort 2000 square meters to the introduction of standard medical therapy spa SPA, is also the Wolong Lake building a "European identity" spa town of the early projects. Spa Fusion and Super star hotel resort features Wolong Lake, the hotel has attracted the Yangtze River Delta Wolong Lake, domestic and international customers the absolute advantage to stay on vacation. In addition to deluxe and superior hardware resources, Wolong Lake hired more than 40 years management experience in five-star hotel BOBBY as a senior adviser to the hotel, its management and service standards will also be a super star's. 365 real estate home network was informed that part of the hotel will be operational in 2011, as the world's top hired design, decoration and hardware beyond the general five-star hotel, based on the natural landscape resources Wolong Lake, Golf and Yacht Club Sports Park , the same as the high end of Wolong Lake supporting one of the international community, China will become a luxury hotel in Nanjing as well as a model. The American philosophy of life to China, Wolong Lake has been working. This year, the Wolong Lake International Community organized a wide variety of activities, the first American Canoe Competition, American Family Party, golf experience activities, the top luxury car exhibition, the first urban landscape Wolong ride on the lake, Wolong Lake International American community in the heart to all aspects of life into the community, in pure American style building in the background, and create immersive American style of its territory.