"Win" Chinese tourists International Hotels aim at global market
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Recently, Starwood held in Beijing in the first hundred of its global executive leadership summit, at this meeting, how best to win more passengers often become an important issue. According to the hotel industry to introduce, develop a new hotel that cost customers can keep three old customers. Hotel frequent flyer program is an important channel for customer relationship management and tools. Loyal customers are the most valuable Value of customers, customer loyalty will lead to small increase in a substantial increase in profits. According to statistics, IHG, InterContinental Hotels, the average price of all brands because the frequent flyer program increased by 7%. Because if This, the internationally renowned hotel brands and continue to attach great importance to actively upgrading its frequent flyer program. Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts has announced a comprehensive upgrade of its guest recognition and awards - "Golden Circle." The new "Golden Circle" of the world's first non-hotel guests while staying open International loyalty program. "Golden Circle" Since its inception in 1997, has been to Shangri-La city hotels, resorts and business hotels in the 1.7 million guests a premium concessions. Re-integration after the upgrade, members will be able to earn points In exchange for free housing, free upgrades, food and beverage, "gas" Spa and air miles. "Golden Circle" members for every $ 1 or the equivalent in local currency you can get a points accumulated 500 points to start for feedback And can benefit the family. Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts director of marketing for Huang Weiji frequent and partner, said: "Through extensive investigation, we found that many members have personal knowledge outside of the service and look forward to feedback and reward points. This Time a new upgrade of the 'Golden Circle' Shangri-La guests will provide more and higher-level benefits. The program unique is that, every time the guests into the Shangri-La hotel, resort or Traders Hotel , Whether to stay or to enjoy the food and beverage or other services, receive the real reward points. " Ritz-Carlton luxury hotel group recently also introduced frequent flyer program - "Ritz-Carlton Rewards." "Ritz-Carlton Rewards" partners to provide exclusive privileges for members, such as for members of established States, Turkey and Egypt and other places enjoy smooth trip; accompanied by fashion experts, a unique half-day shopping experience, including professional fashion consulting services, watch the fashion shows. In recent years, China's hotel market has become well-known international hotel brands in the arena, and expand the frequent flyer program is also an important market for the brand strategy. "China has the fastest-growing customer base, is Starwood's second Hotel market. Starwood also win more loyal customers and promote brand awareness plays a vital role. "Starwood's Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer Maikai Wei said. Starwood SPG 2010 Club program membership registrations in China increased by 58% compared with last year, China has become the second largest active SPG Club program membership base beyond the UK and second only to North America. And in 2009, SPG Club program in the country ranked fourth in the market, membership rate was increased by 50%, setting record the highest growth year. According to statistics, China Starwood Hotels SPG visitors nearly half the members of the club program. In the past, Starwood hotels in China, is a gathering place for Western tourists, but now, more than 50% of the visitors are Chinese. "China not only has the fastest growing our customer base, but also the largest source of frequent flyer market," hi Of loyalty and partnership between housing, senior vice president of Make Wen said. "Important 'more than 10 nights stay visitors' - SPG loyalty program members of the club and brand advocates, this year, a 30% increase over last year." The international hotel brand, the loyalty of cultured Chinese visitors, not only for hotel performance in China. An analysis of Starwood revealed that the group plans SPG club members to the country of China International tourism destination, more and more. 2010, SPG Member Club program of the Chinese outbound travel increased by 32%, of which travel to the United States and Canada, SPG Club membership loyalty program in China increased by 41%. "We begin to focus on the growth of outbound travel in China, which will Starwood Hotels around the world have a profound impact." Maikai Wei a way to explain the international brands to China's population growth, a frequent flyer in the meaning.
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