Beijing food safety monitors administrative regulation
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The first is safeguard people is healthy with person safety, strengthen food safety to control administrative job, the basis concerns law, code, combine this city actual condition, make this provision.

The unit that food production is engaged in managing inside area of the 2nd this city administration and individual ought to abide by this regulation.

The 3rd this city implements market admittance system to food.

Government of people of the 4th city unites harmonious food safety to supervise management to work.

Technology of industrial and commercial administration, wholesome, quality monitors town, the administration department such as commerce, agriculture is inside respective duty limits, according to the unified program of city people government and deploy, fulfil obligation lawfully, do good food safety to control administrative job jointly.

The 5th this city fulfils system of job responsibility of government of people of area, county to food safety. Government of people of area, county ought to be united coordinate this area (county) branch of concerned administration director does good food safety to supervise management to work.

The 6th this city builds food safety expert to evaluate a system.

In this city the food of production, treatment, sale ought to accord with safe level the 7th. Do not accord with the food of safe level, do not get production, treatment and sale.

What this regulation calls food safe level is to show national level, occupation standard perhaps involves human body health and the mandatory standard with safe person in standard of this city place.

Any units and individual must not restrict the food that accords with safe level to enter this city.

The need that safety of this city food manages basis of government of people of the 8th city, the food directory that publishs executive key to control government () of directory of key of the following abbreviation.

This city is unified to including the food of key directory to make selective examination plan, all is released to the society detect result.

The 9th this city implements the system that announces the food such as cultivate birds and cultivate birds product, vegetable to produce an enterprise to recommend list to the society. Include the requirement that recommends list and program, be in charge of a branch to division of labor sets and be announced according to duty by the administration such as town business, agriculture respectively.

The business that in recommending list, announces violates this regulation, the food of production, treatment, sale does not accord with safe level, announce a branch to ought to notice an enterprise the government of seat and concerned director branch the illegal condition of this enterprise, cancel this enterprise from inside recommending list, the bulletin signs the unit of directional supply agreement with afore-mentioned enterprises, suggest its remove contract.
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