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On October 18, fair of trade of meal of the 2nd China kicks off in Xi'an. On the meal estate development that day afternoon and innovation forum, jiang Zengwei of undersecretary of Department of Commerce made a problem be " strengthen a government to guide, health of stimulative meal industry develops " gist makes a speech.

Jiang Zengwei points out, chinese meal course of study holds to culture of thousands of years to inside information, great progress got in new historical period, especially 28 years since reforming and opening, the dimensions of Chinese meal market and class promote ceaselessly. Predict this year, total volume of retail sales can break through course of study of our country meal 1 trillion yuan of RMBs, meal of average per capita consumes defray to amount to 800 yuan. As " industry of the people's livelihood " , chinese meal course of study holds the balance in action of economic society developing, meanwhile, chinese meal course of study also is the culture industry of stimulative international communication and collaboration.

Meal course of study regards growing sex as giant sunny industry, jiang Zengwei raises a few requirements to will working henceforth. Build good food rich to meet this develop platform seriously. Eat rich can be the high-quality goods that key of Department of Commerce breeds is exhibited meeting, henceforth will one does. Pass everybody's effort, can make eat gain into reveal brand image, communication to develop the achievement, capacious platform that offers cooperative business chance, do greatly with driving meal industry to do strong.

Build laws and regulations of perfect meal trade and standard system. Department of Commerce will be collected wait for other director branch with Ministry of Public Health, admittance of the occupation standard around meal course of study, market, from resource of course of study, service the respect such as criterion, sanitation management, environmental protection is made and perfect relevant code or standard, compose proposes a complete administrative measure, mechanism of rewards and punishment and execute the law program, the standard of stimulative meal course of study develops.

Implement strategy of brand of meal course of study actively. Encourage and support dish to taste dish to fasten innovation, guide meal course of study to walk along industrialization to develop way, strengthen intellectual property protection, drive a brand to manage concept and chain wait for contemporary and current fashion to be in of entire industry gain ground.

Push Chinese meal company steadily " go " . Exploration holds investment forum, outside the condition large extend the pattern such as the meeting, the strategic cooperation that urges Chinese meal course of study and foreign company and communication.
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