Commerce is concessionary management method
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Commerce is concessionary management method

Department of Commerce makes 2004 the 25th

Promulgate date: 20041230 executive date: 20050201 issue an unit: Department of Commerce

General principles of the first chapter

The 2nd chapter is concessionary management party

The 3rd chapter is concessionary management contract

Information of the 4th order is announced

Advertisement of the 5th chapter is publicized

The 6th chapter controls government

Foreign trader of the 7th chapter invests the special provision of the enterprise

Responsibility of law of the 8th art of composition

Supplementary articles of the 9th chapter

General principles of the first chapter

The first is normative commerce concessionary management behavior, protect the legitimate rights and interests of party, concessionary management health expands stimulative business in order, make this way.

This the 2nd method place says commerce is concessionary manage (the following abbreviation is concessionary management) , it is to point to through signing a contract, concessionary person will have authority to award other the management resource such as use label, firm, management mode, award be used by concessionary person; Be in next is engaged in that run an activity to integrate management system according to contract agreement by concessionary person, pay to concessionary person concessionary management cost.

The 3rd develops concessionary management activity in churchyard of People's Republic of China applicable this method.

The 4th concessionary person can agree according to the contract, will concessionary right of administration awards directly by concessionary person, be invested to establish concessionary management site by concessionary person, develop management activity, but must not turn again give concessionary right of administration; Perhaps grant the exclusive and concessionary right of administration inside particular area by concessionary person, this can be granted other applicant concessionary right of administration again by concessionary person, also can establish oneself concessionary management site inside this area.

The 5th is begun concessionary manage the law that ought to abide by People's Republic of China, code, follow the principle of freewill, fair, honest, credence, must not damage consumer to close right increase.

The name that concessionary person does not run make use of is concessionarily, be engaged in illegally passing sell an activity.

Concessionary person is engaged in commercial activity must not causing market forestall, cloggy fair competition with concessionary management means.
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