Dining-room management cleanness is done as a child case
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Cafeteria cleanness, can say hold together is worn the figure of a dining-room, even if you are only small cannot again young dining-room shopkeeper, should exhort constantly the member that protect clean the following " sensitive area " had taken care of, this to company of a food count for much of it may be said.

Small part begins one of: The every act of dining-room personnel. No matter you are a clerk, clean still member, no matter you are old hall assistant manager, still be eat lead a young lady, the every act of dining-room personnel, can see the eye in the client in, everybody always should feel he is the example in dining-room, the person that bearing of your the way one speaks or what he says can control repast completely is right the impression of this dining-room.

Before coming to dining-room everyday: You must consult the clause below, make a serious inspection to oneself

Bathe in the morning everyday, in order to keep the figure with good hold and mind

The hair is combed orderly, do not make strange hair style.

Use deodorization things, but the spray that must not use the scent such as perfume.

Move outfit is decent, besmirch and alimental are had on close check dress residual.

The fingernail length that checks oneself and the clean degree that point to with the hand.

Before working every time, after having been to toilet, smoking ends to want strict according to ministry of standard cleanness hand.

Will order dishes please a bag that puts pants, lest be in,nod sheet so " bow " when slippery the teacup that enters a visitor.

If there are cut and bandage on dining-room personnel body, maintain the cleanness of these special place please,

Small part sees a hand 2: Mensal lower part, the plant of dining-room corner and dining-room maintains.

Everybody won't ignore the clean possibility that is in with corridor floor on the mesa in dining-room, if to some " blind angle " you are met with respect to the person take seriously particularly, someone says dining-room was entered " detail " than the times that go all out, which deadbeat looks at messy corner, fat sofa and the dining-room plant that are stained with dirt, can you still bear with equanimity?

Mensal lower part: The can see bottom that often should check table is not to have break and dirt, desk bottom is very dirty the place that perhaps has need daub on a wall can bring negative effect to diner. Try to disinfect processing, lest accumulate dirt and oily floodwater on low-lying land.

Dining-room corner: Every time daily and clean process, the oily floodwater on low-lying land that the place keeps and dirt wait easily in the corner, as time passes, can form very stubborn stain, and change travel is special clear hard, accordingly to corner windowsill not be so every time the clean place that can take care of, the member that can arrange fixed cleanness twice everyday does special Bao Jie and conserve. Controlled at 11 o'clock in the late evening at 3 o'clock afternoon.
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