The personnel administration of chain meal course of study is discussed
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As the change of socioeconomy, sundry chain meal course of study is born like the real estate like emerge, develop a space as a result of the market however finite, plus the intense competition of course of study of person of the same trade, numerous enterprise is just as it is very difficult to press the green grass below stone ground of healthy, healthy and strong grows. So, below such market background, how to search development outlet to become the issue that should discuss. Meal course of study is the service job that a kind of human nature changes, the stand or fall that serves character affects management result directly, and service quality comes out by company staff creation, so the discretion of company staff quality also turned dictate enterprise into the main factor of the destiny.

Speak of the employee quality of the enterprise, undoubted meeting lets a person think of a piece of Zhang Jingmei, beautiful university diploma, because it is,measure company knowledge capital abundant a standard. Content of meal industry technology is inferior, it does not need tall record of formal schooling, what it needs is quality of a kind of service. And serving it is not a kind of major, cannot obtain professional directly from talent market. The major that it needs to build its in enterprise interior grooms system, will improve service quality through groom in-housely and be being taught.

Meal does not have taller record of formal schooling generally from personnel of course of study, thought relatively complex, groom so need pays attention to a method. Because groom,involve rebuild the problem of intellective structure, we can call it thought gene to transform a project.

We analyse the thought situation of employee, baconian summary puts generally in the following problems: The first, self-abased sense is strong. Suffer surroundings effect, the meeting when be being contacted with the client produces psychological estrangement. This kind of psychology affects person and person to interact normally and be communicated between; The 2nd, lack is self-confident. Because get education rate is lower, plus the pressure of social obtain employment, a lot of people do not believe with fragile education the foundation has an opportunity to do poineering work. They dare not dream, finally is lost an opportunity because of this; The 3rd, lack discipline sense. Very few at ordinary times and strict him requirement, get the control of those conventions however to the enterprise, nature is to suit to come nevertheless; The 4th, lack logistic and adj thinking. Because lack the thinking that consecution changes to take exercise, appear easily in working process efficiency is low, waste is much wait for a phenomenon; The 5th, devoid system ponders over a method. Have its depth because of the happening of a lot of problems second setting reason, if go up only purely from the surface,go considering, not only cannot solve a problem, may appear instead cut the flesh to fill sore, dig east the wall fills on the west the jest of the wall. For instance, some employee pull out casually with the hand before the client dish tastes the * wool that go up; Take public dishcloth to wipe fat tray to wait. These behavior are to lack a system to ponder over the expression that take exercise. Those who need compensatory specification is, the happening between cause and effect and change need course of a time, if do not become aware, may imperceptible ground casting becomes a mistake. "Close Chinese ink person black " , showed this sense. When this truth also reminds us to be supervised in nobody, do not try to do the business that goes against other or collective interest. Otherwise, can lose development chance because of this, it is trend wrong road even; The 6th, lack serves consciousness. Never forget where one's happiness comes from, the client just is true " boss " . A lot of people did not understand immanent and real implication of the client, serving a customer is a kind of profession only those who go up be perfunctory and deal with, do not talk to go up so what " service " ; The 7th, lack group spirit. Suffer the effect of market economy, the ideal deflection actualization of people, very few person wants free ground is accepted additional labor and service. At above place enumerated in thought atmosphere, let a person very easily feel working pressure. Actually, this is not working itself difficulty big, however the problem of human relation and heart.
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