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After the reporter is investigated, discover, this Dalian city special team has 50 people at least

Latter, the proposal of wine of especially big and pinchbeck name that one billow passes one billow high makes place and the central point that CCTV media pays close attention to. False wine include the China such as lane of fluid of Maotai, 5 grain, well is famous brand. Use buy come back " 5 grain fluid " " well lane " bottle, the cheap liquor that add crosses is ticked off on the fill after be being rinsed clean, obtain sudden huge profits becomes a few illegal members become rich " shortcut " . In the investigation of a week of last a period of time the reporter discovers, dalian also has to reclaim technically the team of bottle of this kind of high-grade liquor. Although be opposite,the utility heart of bottle knows abdomen bright, but face tremendous profit temptation, or somebody steals move doing.

A bottle can earn senior practitioner 10 yuan

The Laozhang of Henan is a reporter in seeking countless practitioner exclusive dare the person of confide the true state of affairs. Before Laozhang says he is 3 years, begin to buy bottle, at first what bottle closes, but felt way to do sth gradually: Purchase mill of 5 grain fluid, well the strength that such renown liquor bottle gives is not much, gain is very sizable however. But because next homes are fixed,reclaim, him pay for sb and expect to be repaid later needs before this a lot of capital, because capital of have enough to meet need is insufficient, so Laozhang is not the person above average of visit.

"Renown wine basically is consume in high-grade hotel, restaurant, what so we stare at mostly is high-grade restaurant. Before two years, it is easier to receive bottle, but in last few years, as the grow in quantity from personnel of course of study and restaurant operator the promotion of sincere letter consciousness, this group worked harder and harder. Come down one year nevertheless, still can earn 100 thousand, of 80 thousand. Still can earn 100 thousand, of 80 thousand..

"With Henan the person is given priority to in practitioner, also have the person of the same trade that comes from Shandong, Heilongjiang and this locality. Everybody has respective domain and concern, with restaurant concentration calls in resell is compared to our circumstance photograph, or the clerk is contacted with us alone for many. They are ferial when serving, take a heart particularly high-grade bottle, bottle assemble arrives a certain quantity of when, they can call actively to us. Bottle of lane of a well buys valence to be 35 yuan, 5 grain fluid not under 25 yuan, our pass on can earn 10 money at least, one bottle 52 degrees of high-quality goods of 5 grain fluid complete pack can sell nearly 100 yuan. One bottle 52 degrees of high-quality goods of 5 grain fluid complete pack can sell nearly 100 yuan..
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