"Hangzhou is small basket bag " sweet all over a capital
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"There are countless Hangzhous on Beijing street face small basket inn of steamed stuffed bun, the Hangzhou person that just came to Beijing is met commonly ' be duped ' . See this shop sign for the first time around the North sea when me when, immediately with respect to eyeful tearful, the condition that considers country emerges between the heart. An a sudden big stride forward is irruptive inside inn, also did not ask even price, start to talk even if: One basket small basket bag! Those who make me disappointed is, hangzhou is small Hangzhou word does not hear in basket bag store... " this is the character that a Hangzhou girl writes down in him rich guest.

Allegedly, the name that is in Beijing nowadays is fastfood in, besides the cake that drop broken bits, tianjin dog pays no attention to steamed stuffed bun, count Hangzhou small basket bag most was very popular: Skin thin, stuffing big, taste is especially good, northerner one (person) eat 2 (basket) . Strange is, "Hangzhou is small basket inn of steamed stuffed bun " not be what Hangzhou person opens however. Recently, somebody made an investigation, only Sheng city opened more than 3000 Hangzhou in Beijing with respect to somebody small basket bag store. If make 50 thousand yuan of calculation in order to make the same score even home one year completely, so these Sheng city farmers held Beijing meal job nearly 150 million yuan market.

From December 1985, lake of Sheng city Shan opens a the first wife and children below Fu Yuanna of massacre of farmer of village of brook of street the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty basket bag store, till this year, this city farmer leaves in countrywide each district small basket bag store already was in 5 digit above. Almost each domestic towns, kept the track of Sheng city person. And Beijing the city zone the Sheng city of 4 annulus less than is small basket inn of steamed stuffed bun already amounted to more than 1000, total density exceeds home what above city waits in any is small basket bag store. Stroll any one place inside Beijing city, can see person of city having Sheng is being hanged " Hangzhou is small basket bag " what fascia manages is small basket bag store. With door be an unit is Sheng city person manage small the means of basket bag, among them, somebody leases independently appearance, fastfood operator joins somebody criterion and different breed lease the facade of a shop.

Compare " plum ghost " of Sheng city person " journey north and south " , "Li Kui " Hangzhou person it may be said is delicate much. Current, "Hangzhou is small basket steamed stuffed bun " just still basically be in Hangzhou and Hangzhou periphery area to build an act in an opera, delicacy has what establish a branch outside the province. So, sheng city edition " is Hangzhou small basket bag " " outspread " whether to meet does fastfood to Hangzhou bound bring negative effect? The manager beyond with new fastfood abundant becomes aware new solution is negative. "Small basket steamed stuffed bun is a kind of mug-up, everybody can be done. What cannot say because of them this is Hangzhou area is small basket steamed stuffed bun, think the family is in enroach on our brand. " Yu Jiaoxin says, sheng city person wants a Hangzhou small the banner that basket bag regards him as, what also making clear Hangzhou is small basket flavour of steamed stuffed bun good, name is big. So, he himself has confidence to had made his brand very much, with Sheng city edition " Hangzhou is small basket bag " contend for relative superiority or inferiority. Current, new abundant is applying for registered trade mark, do not eliminate to open the think of a way of the branch outside the province in the future.
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