Small fertilizer is arrogant " rinse goes out " 20 million
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"Chaffy dish of Jing Yuehua fat cattle " begin to busy again recently from the boss, in developing because of his career, will have again " big movement " -- preparation opens Lanzhou in the west station the 3rd branch, and after this area makes an appointment with the branch of 5000 much square metre to build, will become " chaffy dish of Jing Yuehua fat cattle " in Lanzhou dimensions a the biggest branch. The course is old arduous and cultivated, from the boss this Heibei fellow, make up the chaffy dish burden that gave to have exclusive local color eventually, make the chaffy dish brand that gave oneself -- " chaffy dish of Jing Yuehua fat cattle " .

1993, his be transferred to civilian work. After taking off next military uniforms, began to do poineering work. The course makes an on-the-spot investigation, he decides to invest meal course of study. Be in with others partnership at the beginning Shanxi open the first " chaffy dish of Jing Yuehua fat cattle " . But as a result of a variety of reasons, young fat cattle did not bring economic profit to him, the youth that lets this just start instead deficit 60 much. But he is done not have crestfallen because of this, with that persistence of the soldier and get right on the job, he begins to search unsuccessful account, sum up experience.

Since be meal, have to make great efforts on taste. For this, he heads for Beijing study to make an on-the-spot investigation for many times, make through be consulted with all possible means and trying repeatedly, develop eventually from the boss gave oneself distinctive recipe, gained the market approbate, the business also moved toward the right path from now on. Later, below the friend's help he opened a branch in Xining again, the business does bigger more. One year is lain between when, march again Lanzhou, be in bank river road open the first branch, thereafter, closed to have another his subordinate branch again south. A few years the course is short the management between, outstanding achievement advance rapidly, current total assets has been achieved 2000 much. Recently, he plans actively to open the 3rd branch in the west station again, devoted capital makes an appointment with 8 million yuan. Already entered now decorate level. In the meantime, fat cattle chaffy dish is deciding Jing Yuehua on the west, and other places of spring of silver, Jin Chang, wine has join in inn, and join in inn is in with annual 3 rate increases 2 ~ ceaselessly.

It is what makes Jing Yuehua fat what bovine chaffy dish develops so is fast, is the business so prosperous? Tell a reporter from a friend of the manager, the client is willing to come Jing Yuehua has at 3 o'clock reason: "It is chaffy dish burden above all. The course manages research for years, jing Yuehua had his distinctive recipe, this is distinction reachs the main factor that has market competition ability at inn of other chaffy dish; Go up in management next, jing Yuehua's clerk is to pass layer upon layer guard a pass choose those who come out; Additional, what execute to consumer is most let benefit manage substantially. "Like Jing Yuehua such management mode is in Lanzhou is rare " . This friend is laughing to tell a reporter, this is him become rich classics.
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