Yi Xuexiang demit manages a concept with meal
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One well-known company of domestic always hysterical learn chairman Professor Liu Dagou to consult to Chinese Zhouyi " Zhouyi " concern with what manage, mr Liu Ceng Yiyi couplet language oppose: "Character of head of The Book of Changes is rich, consider economy like demit. " from " Zhouyi " in absorb China's outstanding traditional morality, the principal port with the heart sex successful to managing accomplishment that from its profound sagacious Sai Zhongming is perfected ceaselessly in vain and raises an individual, this is " Zhouyi " in alleged " the big De Yuesheng of heaven and earth, big treasure of the sage says " , " conduct financial transactions demit, ban civilian to be not justice " Yun Yun. I think to be discussed deep " Zhouyi " with run the concern between, besides having illumination from the respect such as spirit of divinatory symbols of Yi Xuesai dimension, classics, still answer to study the exposition and argumentation of conduct financial transactions from respect of Yi Xuexiang demit.

Small business a bit is accumulative

Do not have on battlefield forever win the home, also do not have forever loser. How to encounter capital inadequacy to do at the beginning? " Zhouyi · small harbour " divinatory symbols provided answered academic basis for us. " elephant of small harbour · passes " say: "Faddish sky, small harbour; Gentleman in order to exemplary Wen De. " faddish sky, be a kind of green tea, should defend good moral integrity right now, with talent of equipment put to good use. Meal enterprise is small business more, will tell to them, stress the virtue of small harbour, those who lean is a bit assemble, so that expand stage by stage oneself force. If accumulation is insufficient, make a career hard. Beg only firm in have litre, do not beg temporarily henry is amounted to, consolidate first oneself position, so that some day postpones grand plan greatly.

Live to hold " small harbour " path, must stand fast belief, do according to one's abilities. Alleged firm be as good as one's word reads aloud, grey meaning of heart of avoid by all means of that is to say is small business is cold, both neither can be implicit, also cannot self-abased. Want to be brave in to enter competition above all, power is accumulated in competition, wait for one's chance and move. Cultivated, a results; Manage, an effect. Constant constant changeless, many a little makes a mickle. Even if be in a devil of hole, also cannot lose confidence absolutely. If heart grey meaning is cold, just be like not battle is defeated oneself. Alleged do according to one's abilities, reject rash absurd to enter stoutly namely. Business chance is immature, 10 thousand cannot brash mount a horse, cannot hit out in the round more. Enterprise of weak force meal should win position in the market, traditional thinking must be broken on management concept calm situation, from " grab heat " turn into " seek blind spot " , namely " amlposition competes " . The market " heat " inherent very big attraction, but adversary is very much, small company is attacked easily to break down. The market " scotoma " attribute the market demand that was not perceived, competitive risk small, cost low, benefit is tall, small meal enterprise easily occupational. Can keep away from already so the direct conflict with big company, the course that can change through difference again nods the special need of contented consumer, form the bright characteristic of the enterprise in the market then.
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