From " drink tea to collect fees " the management outlet that incident sees meal
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This is a proposal that omits committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, one does not have the proposal of the eye it seems that.

The tea that is concerned meal industry the draft resolution that expends a problem, but be this draft resolution, a mighty uproar was raised in meal industry, express to object stoutly consistently beyond in the industry.

The misrepresentation of some media in the city is acclaimed, make " incident " the truth is masked. Tea of cost why to cancel to was paid close attention to so by the enterprise? In the industry, besides tea outside cost, what to still have more make an enterprise such anxious?

For this, the initiator that our newspaper reporter covered this proposal for two times -- , Meng Hao of committee member of Guangdong province the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, with do one's best reductive this " incident " the truth, reach borrow this to discuss meal industry at present susceptive all sorts of management pressure.

Genesis: Of media garble

Go up lunar base, meng Hao of committee member of Guangdong province the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to " two meetings " handed over proposal wine shop be not gotten to deadbeat forcibly collection " tea cost " draft resolution.

According to previous some media coverage, meng Hao's committee member says in draft resolution, the wine shop of the class on Guangzhou and dimensions or restaurant close " tea cost " , although the guest does not drink tea not to drink water to also want to pay fee, this is meal won't do in course of study of article " convention " . Look in him, the guest enters wine shop, the clerk carries boiled water should be a kind of kind that welcomes a visitor. If the clerk is in,do not have bright below the circumstance that the beard that show and accuses should collect fees, however positional when Bi Mai of guest have dinner is odd collection " tea cost " should belong to the act that violates consumer rights and interests.

The original intention of Dan Menghao draft resolution if it is so?

On March 6, the reporter is in Meng Hao's office, saw the photocopy of this draft resolution, this photocopy is showing clearly:

To " tea cost " collect fees problem, meng Hao is to advocate wine shop should be abided by " inform -- , drink tea -- , pay fee " and " inform -- , do not drink tea -- , do not pay fee " principle. I.e. wineshop is in after informing consumer to drink tea to collect fees, consumer still is willing to drink tea, wineshop can collect fees; If wineshop is in,inform consumer to drink tea to collect fees, but consumer did not drink tea, wineshop must not collect fees forcibly. At the same time Meng Hao still suggests the government is in charge of sectional criterion basis " Guangdong province is carried out
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