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Two Rivers District will focus on developing five major strategic industries, including rail transportation, power equipment, new energy vehicles, national defense and electronic information. Industry will foster a group of five high-growth emerging industry clusters, in the industrial chain to give the "chain reaction." Industrial clusters like driving in our cities in the rail, will also bring business opportunities to the city to other industries, such as trade, hotels, catering and other tertiary industries. Rail Industry 2.5 billion a year business seeking to purchase large single transition Motorcycle Planning: Mass Transit District was identified as the focus of two rivers create one of the industries, supporting companies will bring tremendous business opportunities. As planned, in the New River Dragon stone two advanced manufacturing area, the development of the national rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry. Interpretation: "A lot of cities are in the development of mass transit, light rail vehicles and has broad market prospects." City Commission by letter of ice, said Wu, director, prepared by the city rail transit industry development plan, Chongqing will be the vehicle as a leader, bogie drive, gearbox, electric engines, and other supporting industries led the development of industrial parks to encourage industry to the advantage of gathering, in 2012 the output value of 18.0 billion annual sales. 5 years, the city will be capable of light rail, subway cars were two models and maintenance 100 500 capacity, the necessary supporting products, including key components, security doors, door systems and so on. From the City Commission by letter of the sources said, the current low rate of local support, to promote industrial development, reduce procurement costs, the city plans to vigorously promote local procurement of rail parts, 3 years and strive to achieve the local matching rate 70% to 80%. Preliminary estimates, the 500 light rail vehicles at least one local purchases of up to 2.5 billion. News: There have been opportunities for companies aiming to start operations. Motorcycle parts dealer who lives in Jiangbei Chen Shi said that in his view, the two Jiang New District to build mass transit, expected to get more involved in business policy and financial support, "I am working with several business partners to discuss, want to switch to the production track transport vehicle accessories. "Chen Shi such as supporting business enterprises to become exceeded 10, the current City Commission is stepping forward by the letter of pre-negotiations. Power Equipment Industry Wind power and nuclear power will be the first general-purpose re-Lai Yu Stock Watch Planning: New layout of the two rivers in strategic industries, power equipment, was listed as one of them, wind and nuclear power is one of the more important are the two industries. Interpretation: Two Rivers District plans to wind turbine-based integrated system, focusing on supporting the development of key components and parts manufacturing, parts and components layout of nuclear power, timely development of the main equipment. This process, the manufacturer will increase the procurement of raw materials and other ancillary products. Currently, many companies have been around this industry, launched a layout. Reporter learned from the City Commission by letter, by 2015, Chongqing wind power equipment industry invested 200 billion will be completed, the formation of 200 million kilowatts of wind power on land and marine wind power production capacity and improve the spare parts suppliers to build the output value of 400 billion, the largest wind power industry cluster. News: Chongqing Development and Reform Commission published in 2010, key projects, new gear by the General Electric Company and the United States (GE) company to join hands to build a wind power gear industry is one of the project, "Building a wind power gear R & D in Asia base, and strive to start construction within this year. "NDRC official said, wind power has become an important pillar of Chongqing, one of the emerging industry, now Chongqing has become the most important of the five wind power installed base. Industry, new energy vehicles Billion in output value in five years Giants Lai Yu Planning: Two new area Long Jiang Shi advanced manufacturing area will create a national manufacturing base for new energy vehicles. Interpretation: "By 2012, Chongqing electric car is expected to reach 242,000 sales in 2015, the new energy automotive industry in Chongqing to over one hundred billion yuan," or supporting plants, whether OEMs are a difference in. City Commission by letter officials, more than 400 auto parts enterprises in our city, but the strength of the still relatively small, the focus of future investment is to introduce pressurized systems, batteries, steering systems, automotive electronics, and other aspects of the development of enterprise Lai Yu. The key components of new energy vehicles such as motor, electric control system, battery, especially the power battery, home and abroad at the beginning and others such as the battery separator, electrolyte basic dependence on imports, IGBT and other key components are missing in Chongqing These are key investment direction. News: The general manager of China Aerospace Science and Technology High Jiming eyes, new energy vehicles in Chongqing he has long coveted. With equally high Jiming domestic battery were also intended to giant Tianjin power of God. Lifan Automobile Research Institute Xunan Shao said the power of God has begun negotiations with the Lifan plans to build in the city of lithium battery production base for supporting Lifan. Four 川伊莱维克 Zou, deputy general manager of electric vehicle manufacturers to introduce Eli Victor is going into the Chongqing market. Defense and military industry Create a national military base More than thirty companies grab opportunities Planning: New River Dragon stone two advanced manufacturing area, will create a national defense industry base. Interpretation: In the defense and military industry, aerospace industry, currently has a relatively complete sets of machine, parts support capabilities, such as the SWA and Bashan Instrument Factory, on many occasions as the "Shenzhou VI", "seven gods", etc. provide supporting material. News: Chongqing's industrial planning the defense industry, so many companies see business opportunities. In addition to SWA and other local enterprises, the China Aviation Industry Group, China National Aviation Helicopter Co., Ltd., Shenyang Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., Jiujiang Red Eagle aircraft manufacturing company, U.S. West Rui, Honeywell and other Fortune 500 industry three more than a dozen companies have begun docking with the relevant departments of Chongqing. Electronic information industry 3 years to build a base 800 billion investment Airport Zhuchaoyinfeng Planning: New industrial layout in the two rivers, the other highlight of the electronic information industry base. Interpretation: "In the future, Chongqing, hundreds of billions to build electronic information '2 +5 park ', that is, one hundred billion West Wing Micro Electric Park and the North Zone Industrial Park." City officials said the Commission by letter, which will Chongqing computer, integrated circuits, software services outsourcing, information appliances, digital medical equipment, electronic components and other industries to bring huge business opportunities. News: It is understood that in the Two Rivers District, Chongqing Yubei Chongqing Airport Industrial Park to meet the electronic information industry development, specially planned for the 1 square kilometer of the electronic information industry base, relying on the HP, Foxconn, Inventec and other OEMs driven nature of the industry chain, will focus on training notebook computer, 3G digital products, optical and electronics industries, is currently "Zhuchaoyinfeng", the construction of standard factory buildings, high-tech incubator building and the "blue collar" apartment, settled for enterprises to provide basic security, the base will be built to achieve annual output value of 200 billion. This group of articles by the Chief, Sun Liming Yang Xuefeng journalists have written Recreation and leisure opportunities Jinling targeting white-collar workers in northern A spectrum of the entertainment giant breast This area will become the city of Chongqing, the largest regional density of white-collar Jinling, one of the white-collar work, busy after work entertainment in addition to the Internet but also how this degree to become members of the public living in the vicinity of the northern New problem. But as the two rivers to create the new district, entertainment giants have entered, the residents sing after work, doing the massage is not a problem. "Our headquarters in Shanghai, the Pudong New Area in Shanghai, we have four or five stores, and business is good, Two Rivers District is considered to be China's third district, presumably will not be weaker than the Pudong development momentum." Shanghai Haoledi related responsible person, very optimistic about the company in Chongqing, Chongqing has been concerned about the investment environment changes, "Two Rivers Area" concept was put forward to the time to contact the headquarters of the North Zone at the time were investigated, the scope included in the shop plans. Di Guo Ming Chi, chairman of Fujian joy that the region will affect the overall development of Chongqing, is very optimistic about the opportunities this market, waiting for the commercial form is clearer, in this layout. Relief work in addition to singing entertaining way, to do something relaxing foot massage, is also a good way to white-collar pastime. Overseas Health Rich, general manager of Chongqing, said Hu Zhirong, the past year, rich overseas has two distribution points in and around New River, has been the delineation of the Fortune Centre and Olympic Park, two points, and according to the company's plans to open five in the region shop. Reporter Chen Ke Hotel Investment Opportunities Investment is still "the initial stage," the opportunity to enter the sooner the better "New River will be constructed in two the city's new International Exhibition Center, which is driving the hotel group will not be one, two concepts." Yesterday, former Secretary-General of Chongqing Tourist Hotels Association Peishan Lin talked about the new Two Rivers area of the hotel industry business opportunities said, the hotel settled in Two Rivers Area sooner the better. Peishan Lin, at present the two rivers and a new luxury hotel district only payment source, Sovereign, several domestic brands of five-star hotels, no hotel settled in an international top brands; chain hotels, business hotels, middle and low hotel is less than normal, basically small, scattered, weak, poor condition. While high-end hotels is concentrated in the "Three North" and other mature communities. "The establishment of two rivers District, Chongqing City, the hotel industry is undoubtedly another great opportunity for the top international hotel brand to enter a huge space." Peishan Lin said. Faced with such a large gap and the temptation, when the hotel industry for the best? In this regard, Peishan Lin said that the development of the hotel itself, in advance, often the first to a hotel, after a mature community, so the two rivers into the new district should be the sooner the better. However, according to Pei Shanlin, at present the hotel is still around in Jiangbei district, Yubei, North Zone and other more mature areas, "in the mouth the Tsai family, such as relatively empty regions, has not yet heard of." Peishan Lin said This is precisely the opportunity. Reporter Ao Xiang Fei Investment Opportunities Catering Food giant beach north of gluttonous eating a family to worry about Two Rivers Area is undoubtedly for the catering industry in Chongqing is also a mention upgraded, new opportunities to carve up territories, and the gluttonous family, will not be the same as now, to enjoy the delicious food more than half an hour had to run up the road. Choi Heung source boss Huang Can these two days busy, "We have a hundred in the northern part of New Forest Park next to win a single-family, doing high-end restaurant." Two Rivers Area of the building will become the main city to the north of the existing district Another outside the economic high ground, "This certainly will be a window to the outside of Chongqing, gathered a large number of companies, will bring unprecedented high-end consumer groups." Two years ago, was entirely neglected in the region when the food giant in Chongqing Tao Ran Ju crocodile began to break new marina here: Carefree Town, Chongqing Center, Two Rivers Center, Carefree Resort equal following the opening. But for now, Qi Yan Tao Ran Ju, chairman of the objectives began to change: "fast food and Western food will be very popular in the region." Yan Qi, said Tao Ran Ju is planning to enter the fast food and Western food industry, where the first test the water in the two rivers is the new area. Qi Yan revealed that in 2008 the Centre Steam Bo 15 yuan per square meter rent, and now rents near the center of steam Bo has a full up 10 times. She said, Lazi early, for enterprises, in the initial phase of considerable cost advantage. In addition, including the Qin Ma, wool, etc., a number of Columbia Laoya Tang restaurant giants are starting to base set in the North Zone. Reporter Chen Ke Real estate development business Opened dozens of real estate agency focused on distribution in the northern region Two Rivers District is approved, some investors think this is a good time to profit, but in the eyes of many developers, this is a long-term business opportunities, short-term buy low and sell high, is not appropriate. "I have heard not, the next 2 months, 60 new sites will be open at." This sentence, as early June meet in the main city real estate circles greeting people, who do not know where this news comes from, But many developers said that this is the "evidence". Urban Land and Housing Bureau released official information website "online real estate" shows into June, 10 days before the successful sale of licensed real estate for more than 30, which is almost normal times the amount of real estate market nearly a month. Since 2004 the development of the Airport Area zeko executive vice president of real estate companies, said Zhang B, the future development of the region, the biggest challenge for developers is the ability to provide high quality, multi-level housing. Agency optimistic about the Two Rivers Area with action long-term value of real estate. "The next two to three years, we will in Jiangbei, Yubei and an increase of 50 stores in North Zone." Chairman of the board on behalf of the steel shipped home, said Song Yu, "New development of the next two River housing, more and more second-hand housing transactions will be increasingly active. "Hong Kong-owned agency the Central Plains and the two American League, the main city in the object of focus is the Two Rivers District. "Almost half of our focus to Yubei, Jiangbei and the North Zone, the focus of the next store is also on the increase here." He Weijian deputy general manager of Chongqing, said the Central Plains. Chai Wei, chief reporter Industrial real estate business The current plant is "cottage" standard plant popular Industrial real estate, investors may not be into an area of discernment. Two New River after the establishment of factories and office buildings will definitely be needed. It is reported that the main city standard workshop rate of return on investment of more than 10%, under normal circumstances, almost 2089 of the time will be able to recover the costs. "The future of two New River, is bound to the introduction of major projects in industry, construction of major projects are generally fast pace, and the supporting companies often can not afford to build the plant quickly, mostly to rental;, including domestic and foreign enterprises, the foreign-invested enterprises are generally leasing plant. professional industrial real estate company established the plant will be more popular. "Chak Po Chong, general manager of the Central Plains of Chongqing, said the current city outskirts, there are many" unauthorized "plants, many of these plants built by the local rural collectives, The plant construction standards and service measures the relative backwardness of New River will introduce the next two high-end manufacturing, the regular army is more popular in the construction of standard factory buildings. It is understood that investors enter the market in two ways: one is direct investment, establishment of industrial real estate company, put up their own projects to do, engage in sales. Large investors can consider this approach, and in order to quickly enter the project into the field when the acquisitions can be considered. Another way, mainly for small investors, and industrial real estate through the stock cooperative companies, such as a certain proportion of the two sides in accordance with the investment, the project company for the establishment of a single project. Industrial real estate in the end it will not make it? Well-known industrial city home real estate developer, executive vice president Tian Ying Liu Jianhua, for example, recently spent 8 million yuan investors bought a 4,000 square meters of factory buildings, the rent for the month, 16 yuan / sq m, each 2 2 yuan of floating. In so doing, almost 2089 of the time will be able to recover the costs. It is reported that Two Rivers Area rental price of standard factory buildings of 14 to 18 yuan per square meter per month.