Guest room 3 pieces of environmental protection card
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Put in card of 3 pieces of environmental protection in the guest room of some restaurant.

One of, it is a piece of card that has the milk of human kindness very much, writing above:

"Respectable guest:

If you are in,get ready forgot to take the articles for use that wash gargle when baggage (cream after tooth brush, toothpaste, razor, beard, the) such as the comb, should make a telephone call to guest room ministry only (extension 55) , we will deliver freely to you immediately. We will deliver freely to you immediately..

Secondly, it is a piece of card that is put in toilet, writing above:

"Respectable guest:

You ever can have thought, everyday the restaurant of world each district has how many tons of towel to be without necessary ground to change catharsis, does the scour with the huge amount that because of this bad news uses cause how old pollution to our water natural resources? For our collective environment, ask you to make a decision, towel devoted bath crock shows you ask to change its; Mean you to be willing to continue to use otherwise, we will be hanged for you put orderly. Thank you the support to environmental protection! Thank you the support to environmental protection!!

Thirdly, it is the card that is put on ark of the head of a bed, writing above:

"Respectable guest:

Normally we undertake changing washing to the guest's sheet everyday, if you feel to do not have when necessary, put this calorie on the bed at early morning please, this day of your sheet will change no longer. Appreciate the support that you act to restaurant green! Appreciate the support that you act to restaurant green!!

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As human environment increasingly exasperate, environmental protection makes the central point that people pays close attention to gradually, although hotel industry is very not conspicuous to environmental influence, but also be faced with actually a series of environmental problem, include all sorts of problem of energy problem, water natural resources, things problems, litter to handle an issue, and the issue that air quality, noise and chemical article bring.

Of the change as consumer idea and law of policy of national environmental protection increasingly perfect, these environmental problems make restaurant is facing grim challenge, but also brought the development opportunity that is in an advantage in market competition to restaurant meanwhile.

From this, a lot of restaurant had begun to add the activity that establishs green restaurant. Card of 3 pieces of environmental protection is the measure of a kind of environmental protection that can go most in these restaurant only, the purpose is undertaking at leading a visitor green is consumed. Normally the circumstance falls, the guest that has read this kind of card can cooperate, can understanding this at least is a kind of exalted behavior that pays close attention to the mankind, accept this kind of method then.
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