Guest room half bumf
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Xiaochen of guest room clerk receives Japanese travelling merchant to be hit from the room occupied irritated phone. When she beats a door gently, posse bumf flies suddenly toward the face. Hit her immediately unconscious


This case involves:

The equipment of 1. room things is normative

2. whole serves consciousness

3. is right " the guest always is opposite " understand

Case text:

A Japanese travelling merchant just the Asian Hua Yuanbin house of occupy Zhejiang Ning Bo a little while. Ministry of this hotel guest room receives the telephone call that he makes from the room. The requirement sends a person to go to its room. Occupied irritated. Clerk Xiaochen is sent to head for. Xiaochen comes to the front of guest door. Knock gently. Listen to guest National People's Congress to cry only: "Come in cadaver Xiaochen pushs a door gently. Unexpectedly. Hank bumf flies suddenly toward her face. Hit sock wearing. Xiaochen was hit to cheat immediately. Fix eyes on looks, day trade angry look is full of. Resemble only bellicose cock. Was so he just crossed into toilet? Discover bumf half. Become aware suddenly sufferred wait for slow. have a fit. Bumf of Xiaochen pick up, carelessness of the member that the heart thinks this is clean causes, busy apologize to the guest: "I am sorry. Gentleman. It is our job error. " Xiaochen returns workshop. Thinking the grievance that oneself suffer. Tear can'ts help seizing the socket of eye and go out. But she comes down very quickly calmly. Taking the toilet paper with complete hank single-handed. Carrying a flower single-handed. Taking smile to cross the room that enters this Japanese travelling merchant afresh, place flower and toilet paper respectively appropriate. Face the blow of arise suddenly. Xiaochen considers repeatedly. There is good reason for it of cognizance guest draw well. The fault is in restaurant. Clean member ought not to unwary. Leave newcome guest to use half has used toilet paper. Later, this Japanese travelling merchant also knows oneself wrong. Express an apology formally to restaurant general manager then. To the clerk's good attitude of attending to guests. Gave high opinion. Take out an U.S. dollor a certain number of. Cordial ground asks general manager to send grievance award for the clerk. In the meantime. The decision lives in restaurant below, became a long resident.

Case reviews analyse:

The guest is evaluated to what restaurant serves. Not be to be aimed at some item, some simply of the clerk, dissatisfactory. Also be dissatisfactory to the hotel. In this case, responsible cleanness arranges the clerk of guest room to did not arrange a standard to undertake operating according to the cleanness that takes guest room, configure new toilet paper afresh. Half bumf that did not give out a guest however continues continue to employ. Let stay in what the guest uses others to leave surplus newly ' thing, make live newly the affront that the guest feels is pair of its character dignity. Pardonable guest is met boil with anger, make unusual move. Look from the surface. Japanese travelling merchant does not become investigation knowledge. Pay no attention to green red black and write. In have not make clear below the circumstance that who is negligence liability person. Make the ultra conduct that makes clerk Xiaochen with half toilet paper, apparent and wrong. But. The guest is paid attention to the effect and experience. The service quality that regards the service error of individual employee as restaurant is poor. What will serve quality problem to restaurant is indignant, be aimed at a certain innocent clerk go flat, also give no cause for more criticism. Accordingly, each employee should realise the hotel clearly: Their service is individual behavior not merely absolutely, represent a public house however? No matter be on any post,encounter any problems. On the integral footing that must stand in the hotel. Satisfy the requirement of guest. This is the integral consciousness of the service. Just think. If clerk Xiaochen shifts responsibility to wholesome clerk before the guest's face. The ultra bearing bitterly attack to the guest, can be condition of major issue of pour oil on the fire, spread only of course. Its will make the hotel loses this guest forever from now on as a result. Clerk Xiaochen's commendable place depends on: She shows high whole to serve consciousness, take all responsibility on his head, and with responsibility person portion to guest excuse: "I am sorry. Gentleman, it is our job error " , and do not go the ultra behavior of dispute guest. Xiaochen not only " right " invite a guest. And " taking the toilet paper with complete hank single-handed. Carrying a flower single-handed. Bringing smile afresh - cross the room that enters this Japanese travelling merchant " , had handled the disturbance that half bumf causes satisfactorily, make Japanese travelling merchant becomes hotel often live guest. In intense market competition, every restaurant all should be brought up hard one large quantities of resembling Xiaochen such outstanding clerk, the whole that safeguards restaurant serves figure, the beauty that elevates restaurant praise degree, restaurant does well in the meantime the service quality of each link, reach the designated position to arrive home again already. Go developing the market thereby, occupational market.
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