Make guest room toilet bright rise
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In habit of hotel building design, what because take care of,design to catchment is certain and convenient, the toilet of a lot of guest room is in to stand by the position of floor corridor a side by arrangement, formed encounter toilet first into the door, the " that the bedroom enters after the guest room mode of 10 thousand uniform " , the hotel that joins a foreign country also theres is no lack of its exemple.

Then, this kind enclosed toilet turned house into the house inside, a " of genuine " black hole, do not have a predestined relationship with the window not only, and have illumination even, have ventilated, have exhaust... , went a few years, let us want, so do be opposite? To operator, economical? To the guest, convenient? To environmental protection character, reasonable?

I think, the answer is negative.

"Toilet of black hole " is already common really, but its malpractice is too much:

Guest room toilet is the place with guest discrepancy top utilization rate, make up, wash a face, wash one's hands, brush one's teeth, bathe, bath, defecate, pee, spit... although use toilet to also want the lamp by day, and frequent, return inside toilet more than an illume, have exhaust fan even, a few switch often are installed together, guest conveniently is pressed opened, forgot to black out sometimes, those who waste bad news report is big can be imagined, of this dispute environmental protection.

Enclosed the ventilated requirement of toilet is general bad.

Enclosed the requirement that toilet achieves " doing, wet apart " very hard truly.

In two-men standard room, enclosed toilet is used impossibly at the same time for two people, cause the person that brush one's teeth to want to await " to go to the lavatory greatly sometimes the ability after the person end of " comes out is entered, honest not should.

Enclosed the diversity that toilet restricted layout, position and dimensional design.

Enclosed when the door of toilet is shut, " unmanned lamp shines inside the circumstance of " is unfavorable be discovered in time by the guest in the bedroom, also cause " to grow the waste of bright lamp " .

Close the toilet that rise and guest room bedroom are divisional lie between, once enter, with outside completely cut off, cannot share landscape of room inside and outside, cannot share TV, cannot share opener space, dispute human nature changes.

In concept of contemporary hotel design, close the toilet design mind that change is narrow, dated, drab, it is to go against a hotel to manage, of development, also dispute is aesthetic.

The field uses in safe respect and guest of the old and weak, enclosed also fraud is more than benefit toilet.

Put together afore-mentioned, above all, "Toilet of black hole " is in economically the loss that causes to owner is " does not want not to know almost, want to frighten one? The property of Quot; . Charge of electricity of our country some areas is very tall still, a hotel of hundreds of guest room is in just think when the wash and dress after the guest gets up in the morning, aplanatic of lights of hundreds of toilet inside inn, this is how old brushstroke is used up. Add somebody to had been used do not black out, a card that uses oneself plus somebody is inserted after door card takes electric board to go up to go out, make switch of energy-saving the card that plug phone exists in name only, produce " delay time to waste " phenomenon again. If there is natural lighting inside toilet, can reduce waste not only, and accorded with the principle with energy-saving environmental protection.
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