The cleanness of mild package of chair of sofa, flexible scale, headboard, metop
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Astral class restaurant asks illuminative of in-house and all fabric is soft wrap a face to answer often clean, in order to keep soft, without smear, accord with astral class the requirement of criterion for evaluation.

1, when be being swept everyday, attract sofa range with cleaner, the float ash that fabric reachs to go up on cushion and drossy.

2, discover besmirch is seasonable purify, use dilute commonly wash knit mercery cleaner (a lot of restaurant use carpet to clean agent) , dip in with the brush first on a bit cleaner is brushed in besmirch place place, obliterate with clean dishcloth next bubble air can.

3, undertake cleaning regularly, cleaner, bucket, brush and dishcloth get ready first before cleaning. The restaurant configuration with abundant financing washs sofa machine technically, clean my effect thoroughly in order to achieve. If restaurant financing is tighter, usable handiwork is cleaned, the method is basic and as same as the method that remove stain.