Guest room is special service case " cry early " watch sunrise
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Ascend a father-in-law to watch sunrise. It is the one great pleasure that the tourist travels to the father-in-law. Divine resting guesthouse was inn guest to provide considerate service.

This case involves:

The special service of 1. guest

2. creates client surprise

Case text:

There is a public house near door of the day austral the peak in the father-in-law, it has the name that a your person is intoxicated: Divine resting guesthouse, this is current the hotel of is built on tall summit SamSung class concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of our country only. Ascend a father-in-law. Can scan widely views the world. Can admire the afterglow of sea of clouds of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, but the most attractive return number to watch sunrise. Watch red day to jump out from horizon from peaceful summit, rise gradually next an aglow bolide, it is the world really one happy strong move watchs sunrise and the 1 guest that lives in divine resting guesthouse comes almost. The father-in-law travels. From the foot of a hill to culmination door the car sends; Arrive from culmination door south does day door have is view telpher? But two students that from Shanghai some university comes to are the car does not sit however, telpher do not multiply, from rose early at 8 o'clock begin to mountaineer on foot, go to look all the way, climbing the peak already was that evening at 6 o'clock. Arrived divine resting guesthouse, they are so tired that they two legs resemble fill lead is like the ground heavy, ate dot thing to fall on the bed casually. They worry that they cannot wake at 4 o'clock in the morning the following day, cannot catch up with view sunrise. Two boys are honest too tired. The head touchs pillow to breathe out breathe out fall asleep. Also had not known how long, side side is faint transmit phut, phut knock sound, interrupted their dream sweet, listen so that the someone outside the door cries gently only: "Each guest, get up please I should see sunrise must hasten! " two boys wake wake god remember time arrives abruptly, does one roll climb from the bed? Take amphibious unlined upper garment to rush toward house. Right now, the clerk in corridor still is enduring a room to wake a guest up. The boy lowers his head to see watch: At 4 o'clock! The guest that hotel is old place already had a few to rise earlier is awaiting a companion. Two boys are pushing the entrance door that the entrance handles. Total desk clerk called them however: "Hello. Two gentlemen, get the coat that wear cotton, early morning summit is extremely cold, do not wear a coat to be able to catch a cold. " two boys hesitated... " using cotton coat is free, this is the service project of the hotel. Will quickly take. " path of accost of clerk enthusiasm ground. Two undergraduates reach the peak as stream of people. Dress all of one suit army the tourist of green cotton coat already was huge crowd of people, in the morning but really enough cold, hill issues 34 ℃ , the summit is however under zero, still be overcome really without cotton coat.
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