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Current society, people competes to lose by force in hotel government success and failure, meal in, imperceptible already ground delivers the view to the kitchen this position, from various places hotel run for, kitchen everyday of pass in and out is cost and charge, have a bit inadvertent, can cause profit float. To hotel policymaker, invite an eligible hutch division commander, also became working point. Hutch division commander became the person of a center of the hotel naturally also. In view of this, the duty requirement problem that grows with respect to chef, kitchen controller of abroad has a lot of good views, with respect to chef chief professional problem has a few special demands.

One, manage to the kitchen person requirement

Chinese mouth is much, very natural hotel, cafeteria is much, chef is much also, the cooking school of countrywide each district and chef

Groom the class is very much, add our country every every have cooking expert, but with respect to countrywide limits, outstanding, knowledge is comprehensive, know government " large kitchen " still do not see more, the total chef that a lot of enterprises, big public house often is less than satisfaction to search is chief and be anxious. At this point problem, japanese hotel controller raised the requirement of of course of hutch division commander, it is a technology namely should effect is tall, individual quality is crucial. Chef grows a technology to answer as far as possible some more comprehensive, supervise a flock of technology staff very hard otherwise, additional, cerebrum wants to be taken an examination of frequently at thinking of, want to dare to assimilate strange thing, fall in ranking instruction, execute each mission that superior gives actively. Hutch division commander should accomplish these.

1, effectively guidance and outstanding management

Grow as a chef, working key depends on managing, should achieve effectively guidance and outstanding administration. In a lot of restaurant, some people are taller, but they are not willing to impart the technology someone else, such, the integral level of the enterprise is couldn't get rise, same, also cannot get inferior accredit. This kind of selfish job method, have outstanding working outstanding achievement very hard, small group is formed easily still in kitchen interior, ranking instruction very one cannot say for sure pledges the ground that maintain a volume applies.

The intent that a of hutch division commander main job is a restaurant operator communicates employee below, not only such, had made departmental door even between harmonious, manage and coordinate the work what this needs to accomplish interior, be about to see the guidance of hutch division commander and level of management.

Kitchen management is a perfect organization, should make interior straightway the car in be about to resemble travel is same, each parts sex is good, be about to accomplish the basiccest go up mutual and a make known to lower levels, harmonious. Hutch division commander's mainest in the kitchen job is to cook food of a few expert everyday, resemble however " lube " , rely on his effort and wisdom, make every link union close together, be without obstruct. Appeared if the kitchen is medium newly problem, what he should accomplish is not an employee and some director rebuke, should faithfully carry out the duty however understanding circumstance, the power that exhausts oneself next is his " clear away road " " the solution that discharge care is difficult " , in order to make his proper management pattern is able to carry out. A word, the job of hutch division commander also is for the service.
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