Criticize kitchen staff 10 old effective methods
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Criticizing education is an art, every leader wants to study wholeheartedly.

Employee made a mistake, want inevitably to criticize education to its, but when to go criticizing him, criticize him with what kind of mood, it is a very intimate knowledge. If critical time, place, mood is undeserved,can stab employee not only, and still can get bad result. Common saying says, "Fine character pleasant to hear 3 winters are warm, person of evil language injury is cold in June. " I am to be realized greatly " fine character " of magical function. In old management I fumble the method that gave employee of 10 kinds of artistic criticism, the hope can give authority a few inspire:

1, criticism and praise in

Praise first, undertake critical education in praise next.

Not all employee suits this kind of method, because even if is,used also unlikelihood effect. Means of this kind of criticism just is aimed at the employee that is like this feature: Behave at ordinary times good, occurrence error is now and then thing only. And, this kind of employee very be concerned about face-saving, do not be willing to accept criticism.

2, criticism and encourage in

Encourage more, point out to its work correctly method, believe he can correct an error.

This kind of employee is introvert, not quite communicate with colleague, leader, have certain self-abased feeling. But, in working, be active however up, can complete the work hard commonly. Because,the prime cause of occurrence mistake is not self-confident, do not put underhand method.

3, in criticism and care

When employee occurrence mistake, administrator should offer a care in time, inadequacy points out in the care.

Disposition of this kind of employee is dissocial, in working at ordinary times not quite active, when encountering difficulty, like to escape.

4, in criticism and examination

Assign the task more, or selective examination or the dark member that seek an inspection the job of labour, place occurrence issue in time, allude him to should notice to correct him error.

This kind of employee is more agile, disposition extroversion, work at ordinary times more active and serious. But when the problem appearing in the job, also like " lazy " , do not be willing to admit one's mistake.

5, in criticism and understanding

Hear those who come from employee as administrator classics regular meeting " small report " , for instance " × × is bad, after often coming off work, eat stealthily " , " × × often chats with the colleague in time going to work fight noisely " etc. A few leaders not ask green red black and write comes up to behave bad stuff with respect to criticism. Actually, the the most sensible, most efficient way should be to maintain his composure first, pretend what thing also did not happen. After understanding through development, undertake handling again.
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