Method of cooking of tide city food -- decoct
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Author: Wu Kui letter, Yang Fangsheng


Decoct is in putting raw material the hot vessel that has a few oil, use metal and oil to conduct heat, raw material two search simmer in water to the yellow that show gold now, transfer into flavour expects again or add the Shang Shui, cook method that evokes Gorgon euryale to become dish. Decoct has dry decoct, wet decoct, half decoction to wait a variety of, because stock is different, size is differ, color of duration, Gorgon euryale also differs somewhat.

Operating sequence:

1, processing of labour of raw material knife.

2, allocate flavour material.

3, the baked wheaten cake in using heats up a vessel, put bottom oil.

4, emit into raw material hot vessel in, show golden scene to two sides with medium baking temperature or slow fire simmer in water.

5, the makings that add flavor or Shang Shui, tick off Gorgon euryale.

6, install dish on banquet.

Operate essentials and characteristic:

1, the raw material of decoct removes liquid state condition (the egg that be like decoct) outside, via the knife labour handles must two sides is compressed, and should not be too thick, lest outside Jiaoneisheng.

2, the oily amount that decoct makes wants right amount, if discover oil is too little, need midway to be added appropriately, lest raw material is stuck vessel or scorch; If oil is too much, need to shovel redundant oil go out or teem.

3, if decoct makes the raw material with large area, to make be heated even, must notice mobile vessel use raw material with evade, the raw material that makes stand by the brim is even be heated. Use sunken form vessel, the raw material that needs to prevent vessel center place especially scorchs.

4, the cooked food that decoct makes, have colour and lustre golden, modelling is beautiful, characteristic of fleshy tender savory.

Of current course " decoct " have dry decoct, wet decoct, half decoction 3 kinds.