The star judges standard kitchen guideline
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One, what how just say does kitchen layout involve to go up is the place logical, decorate science?

Reasonable kitchen layout design should follow principle of the following design:

1, the need that kitchen layout design should satisfy established dish type.

2, master unripe ripe departure strictly, clean corrupt the principle of billabong, ensure kitchen dietetic hygiene.

3, manufacturing treatment flow is brief and smooth, avoid circuitous across, shorten as far as possible carry technological process, make method trenchant.

4, kitchen each function area is clear, communicate each other again independently each other already, facilitating chef eachs doing his own job, cooperate with division of labour.

5, have reasonable operation personnel to ambulate space, facilitating chef works, eye shot is open, convenient managing.

6, the kitchen should install good smoke evacuation system, ensure airiness, without fuggy feeling, make chef has an easy working environment.

2, is cold food made how space? How much is the appropriate temperature between cold food?

It is cold food finished product cuts the place that deserves to load a tub between cold food. Of cold food make abide by " person specially assigned for a task, only room, special tool, refrigerate only " " 5 only " system, in its entry point should be set wash one's hands disinfect establishment enter beforehand; Between cold basin inside the air conditioning establishment with independent unit, maintain indoor air clean degree; Install ultraviolet light bactericidal lamp, fountainhead supply canal uses copper pipe connection, supply can give birth to drinkable source of water. To prevent midge fly breed, between cold food inside drainage system should not install open drain, the ground must keep clean and clean, partition of glass of usable aluminium alloy has space between cold food, send dish through the window, the appropriate temperature between cold food should be under 24 Celsius.

3, how to affirm whether the place that washs a bowl is logical?

The setting between the dish that wash a bowl should accord with clean corrupt the principle of billabong, the tableware that makes had been used between dining-room or treatment can send to this to wash conveniently butterfly undertake clean processing and remand stand-by. Additional, wash what the positional establishment between the bowl still should handle the rubbish such as good litter, contaminant to put, carry problem. In the process that disinfects in catharsis, on one hand tableware is entered, on the other hand, again clean tableware sends. So its clean, corrupt streamline billabong is clear, the position that does not have circuitous across is reasonable. Conversely, for unreasonable.
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