Sanitation of kitchen and circumjacent environment runs a system
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For the client healthy, make working system changes kitchen sanitation, make system of kitchen and job of circumjacent environment sanitation especially:

One, kitchen sanitation job executes food colonel to be in charge of making, faculty must be subject to management, raise wholesome consciousness, ensure the job is begun smoothly;

2, build clean sanitation by turns system of be on duty for the day, responsibility arrives person, undertake general cleaning everyday, have account to clean that day circumstance and work this with salary link up with;

3, appliance of eat of workbench, cook a meal, must accomplish use around to want to undertake cleaning, time to eat of cook a meal appliance undertakes physics or chemical disinfection;

4, establish good wholesome convention, sanitation of cooking personnel individual should be accomplished " 4 diligent " namely diligent bathe, cut tonsorially, frequently frequently change coverall fingernail, frequently. Maintain the cleanness of the hand, ring is not worn when treatment, do not smoke;

5, the dining room should accomplish food at any time classification is orderly, indoor cleanness of window of 4 walls, door, bright.