Kitchen new course tastes trial-produce appraisal program
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One. Innovation dish is tasted limit

Innovation dish tastes include:

1.Never make the dish type of the sale in this dining-room

2.The sale is made in this dining-room but the dish type that reforms through older rate

3.Use the new course formula that new raw material is made and innovates in the round completely

2. New course is tasted declare

The dish that all new course that report application taste, must pass declare strictly, choose and trial-produce maintains a course. The trial-produce that new course tastes maintains a process to be as follows:

1.Trial-produce requirement

(1) in principle tastes the dish that reports person him trial-produce by dish, but dish is tasted report chef to be below the case with technical strong nevertheless level, but by a few people trial-produce is same at the same time dish, in order to manufacture quality is high person taste producer for dish.

(The treatment at the beginning of 2) , cut match, make carry on one's shoulder (tie a code) all should ask to cooperate to process the work according to the technology of chef, the person that can taste trial-produce by dish when necessary is right machine first, cut match, the chef that make carry on one's shoulder undertakes the technology grooms.

(The innovation dish that 3) each chef rolls out is tasted, every dish has trial-produce opportunity 3 times, be like 3 times still the quality standard that short of manufactures, can change the trial-produce personnel with good technology undertakes trial-produce, if still do not amount to mark, the technical target that can consider to be tasted to dish undertakes reform or giving falling into disuse.

(4) is tasted to a few special innovation food, the frequency of trial-produce can relax appropriately, be opposite ceaselessly in trial-produce the technical index of dish undertakes improvement, if pass many second trial-produce to confirm the technology of this dish is immature really, can taste this dish fall into disuse.

2.New course tastes appraisal

The member that new course tastes trial-produce appraiser by central director, restaurant manager, administrative total hutch, the kitchen is in charge of, floor minister, kitchen foreman, the clerk is represented or specially invite personnel is comprised.

3. new course tastes appraisal method

(When 1) chef is made by administrative total hutch or kitchen director whole process is coached, make after ending, put at appointing the position by the member that send dish.

(2) commissioner undertakes sampling, press " dish standards of grading " undertake making component, 85 minutes of above are tasted to can roll out dish, 80-85 cent improves dish for reservation, taste 80 minutes to eliminate course below.
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