Division commander of meal inn hutch and kitchen manage
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Division commander of meal inn hutch and kitchen manage

In the past, people is in when speaking of kitchen management undertaking administrative to kitchen staff especially, crossing what emphasize more is pair of people " restrain " and " suppress " . What compete as the development of the times and meal course of study nowadays is intense, and after China joins WTO with world economy conform, everybody raised taller requirement to kitchen management. And as the kitchen " presiding apparitor " for hutch division commander, how should undertake administrative again?

Is what should clearing up above all management? What is administrative action? Just talk to go up how to undertake administrative next. The author thinks, manage even if have organization, direct and control (following place show) .

Organization: Define a goal, raise a requirement, decide what should do.

Direct: Issue a directive, undertake coordinate and be leadinged.

Control: Pay close attention to its process, prevent subordinate to make foolish the thing with danger.

And administrative action, it is the total factor of production that place of comprehensive activation kitchen has, shift the each respect resource such as the person of the kitchen, money, content adequately, mix with the smallest cost least investment, come to utmost ground achieve the established goal of the kitchen. Someone says: "New administrative era is the times that ego innovates. " this word a bit truly. If you are returned today by rule, cannot accept newly emerging things, do not know undertake ego changes, then you are met certainly by this " can person on, incompetent person below " , " survival of the fittest, unwell person fall into disuse " times place abandons. So, what problem ought to hutch division commander note when undertaking administrative?

One, esteem person, care a person, with affection moving

The person has proper pride, hope to get the respect of others. Marx says: "The hope gets esteem is the mankind the need of higher administrative levels. " accordingly, in the routine of the kitchen, hutch division commander is respected everywhere and care the employee below, those who move with affection, xiao Zhi in order to manage, can avoid to produce needless conflict not only, and him job rises to also be met handy. More important is, it will make your chef team becomes to have the cohesive affinity, team that has fighting capacity. Below, the author with positive and negative the case of two respects shows this issue.

Qian Mou, natural disposition is cloddish, do not know esteem person. During hotel chef grows Ren Mou, use authoritative administrative method, often drink 3 Yao 4, your everybody feels disgusted very. One day, always behave good head furnace Wang Mou at ordinary times, somehow " water boils beef " do salty, the guest asks to cancel course. For this Qian Mou is in kitchen be furious, still want Wang Mou to take course entirely in public go down. Wang Mou ashamed and resentful is borne hard, resign at once and go, qian Mou also lost a tiger general accordingly, other chef criterion because of this with Qian Mou dissension and discord.
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