Kitchen staff is wholesome manage
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(One) wholesome

1, the growth that eliminate or controls harmful bacteria;

2, why is sanitation so unripe should? We not only have jural responsibility, and still need to bear the blame to company and employee;

3, if we do not pay attention to sanitation, feculent food not only can make employee falls ill, can make the company is shut even, everybody loses the job;

4, every employee is responsible go maintaining local cleanness, food sanitation;

5, we must be supplied clean with delicate food

(2) about the bacterium

Nowhere is not in the bacterium, and naked eye cannot see wind, meet below moisture and warm environment mushroom.

(3) danger zone

1, in centigrade 4 degrees breed to 60 degrees of bacteria rapid, so alimental temperature cannot be in uncannily is overtime 4 hours;

2, the food of easy decay if: The need such as vegetable, milk is refrigerated at aspic room (centigrade 4 degrees the following)

3, snow stores food (like seafood and flesh kind) must at urgent aspic room (centigrade below 18 degrees of 0 the following) ;

4, defrost snow hides food to answer dip is in in cold flow water in quench.

(4) the food of potential risk

1, these food have rich protein, in moisture and warmth, sexual acid-base value. For example the flesh kind, rasorial, egg kind, grandma kind, fish and seafood and vegetable;

2, the responsibility that control bacterium is each person;

(5) how does the bacterium travel

1, cough and sneeze;

2, the skin and cut;

3, the food when the job;

4, smoking, spit saliva, chew chewing gum;

5, osculatory face ministry;

6, especially dirty hand;

7, the food of easy decay stores up temperature is too high;

8, food was not thoroughlied cook;

9, the refrigeration with ripe not fast food;

10, the food with unripe food ripe pollution, for example: The contact did not wash his hands after unripe food, contact ripe food next.

(6) inside yard place

1, when producing food, must maintain clean with manufacturing work place;

2, all appliance that contact food must via 4 a series of clean processes;

① cleans: With cleaner and hot water.

② pours water: With clean hot water.

③ disinfection: Put appliance to be in centigrade 76 degrees hot water immerses 2 minutes, or put in alexipharmic leach bubble 2 minutes.

④ airing: Drop is dry the water of more than, the position with former replace, cannot wipe with cloth.

3, all dropping the food on the ground must desertion, cannot inside replace food;
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