Term of red case chef and white case chef and kitchen
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Chef is divided two kinds into red case and white case. Red case basically points to fleshy dish and the cooking category that fit bowl, evaporate bowl, include dish of dish of flesh of braise in soy sauce, soft flesh, honey flesh, flooey flesh, chop, meatball, upper part of a leg of pork, water to wait a moment; And white case basically points to wait with and so on of steamed bread, cooked wheaten food.

Have in the kitchen " red case " , " white case " . "Red case " it is the kongfu on chopping board, cut the flesh namely, cut chicken, cut duck. What kind of chicken, duck can be used, the flesh of which one part on the body can be used, the flesh of which one part cannot be used. The flesh is to be cut piece, cut, cut agglomerate, still cut silk, this is the first working procedure, be " red case " the master's thing.

"White case " make cooked wheaten food, make noodles, flapjack, make snack, this is " white case " the master's thing, with " red case " the chicken that go up, duck, fish, flesh should part strictly. It is good to hit a face of the helper to knead, good, treatment gives roll the appearance of all sorts of mug-up, end arrives on the side of furnace, give " cooking range master " treatment.

Make carry on one's shoulder: One of dietary industry red records, be in charge of will be being stuck board had cut the raw material that has distributed to had bloated to flavor, on powdery size, cook with furnace, assist chef to make model. Say simply even if all-pervasive player inside the kitchen also is a miscellaneous labour, whats need to be able to understand but whats are a party to an undertaking.

Water table: The special establishment of duck of piscine boil chicken is killed in the kitchen.

Chopping block: The collocation that makings head uses when dish of another name for Guangdong Province is made is fastened compared with domestic other dish is special cultured really; In some sense, in the perfect collocation of makings head, can use the on any account of the cooking technology level that measures chef of dish of another name for Guangdong Province, because serve as Oh master of chopping block of dish of another name for Guangdong Province is in of each dish when making, understand greatly and should consider the main distinguishing feature of dish of another name for Guangdong Province above all, namely: "Color " " sweet " " flavour " " form " ; And reasonable makings head is tie-in, certainly will increases to every dish type " color " and " sweet " ; "Color " come from red turnip (Gan Sun) the colour such as flower, chili, green chili, dried mushrooms expects the collocation of the head; And " sweet " the collocation of the flavor makings head that comes from ginger, the head of garlic and scallion wait.

Cooking of food of another name for Guangdong Province is in ceaseless development process, the collocation of makings head already had specific the usage with the habit, what say inside travel of dish of another name for Guangdong Province namely: "See makings head know 炆 evaporate to fry " . Of course because answer,each each clique also is met the knowledge that oneself solid knows and take discharge certain material head unavoidable, but the principle that still it matchs, namely " silk matchs silk, piece match piece, small flesh makings distributes little material " tie-in method.
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